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Originally Posted by Gatsu View Post
Let's put it this way:

On the multiplayer you will find ranked matches being played but not many at the same time, teamstacking i.e - Mostly ppl over rank 15 on 1 side w/ mostly ppl under rank 10 on the other which translates as seasoned veterans w/ good guns & upgrades V greenhorns w/ suckage weapons & no upgrades.

If you're in the latter it's gonna be tough to get the all weapons upgrades achievement & level 30 achievement.

Another thing, some times when you play the host is a tool, he will sit there for 10 minutes before even starting a match when everyone wants to play. yeah you will probably spend more time in the lobby w/ ppl voting on constant team shuffling & map changing than actually playing the match.

Hosts that will ban you just because they can.

It's a real headache, your best bet is to get some ppl to boost w/ & start there, get your weapons upgraded like this then hit up ranked as you'll be on a level playing field w/ the high rankers once you have the accuracy & ammo upgrades on your most used weapons & well do the same on the weapons you'll never use as some weapons just plain suck.
Yeah, that's my experience with the multiplayer, but despite the criticisms, I just can't let go of this game, I'm addicted. I'll go for the multiplayer achievements and just hope there will be people playing it long enough for me to get everything without having to wait 30 minutes for each match. Just sucks that so many hosts insist on getting 16 people in order to start.
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