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With great honor

With Great Honor 15
Achieve a 'Cautious' impact rating in Multiplayer races (Pro Tour or Jam Session).

You need to start a jam session, set impact setting to on and race 3-4 races without touching anything at all. It took me 3 races and my buddy 4 races so it varies. Very easy. Mentioned by DJjiggins and Odin72

I dont think this is random i got in one try with a friend. Jam, Turned on impact selected 5 races but did it in the first one, lap on 1, track battersea power plant (nice easy track) cant think of the race type but if you confirm this you can add to guide but its one where your cars can collide then whoever is first burn off dont touch the sides we did not when slow right down let 2nd overtake (close but not to close) then 1st slow down and now 2nd overtake again making 2nd 1st then win the race being only one lap it should be quick.
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