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Originally Posted by Owen H Brown View Post
Thanks for the ideas TF.

I also have to agree with you in that I believe the bathroom fight at the end of level 1 needs to be ended before you can initiate the final cut-scene.

You must have great reflexes. It took me 3.5 goes to get this, I wasn't going to be taking any risks! I really do suggest the people who read this get VERY used to counter-attacks.

I have been playing W2 lately, I haven't imvestigated the achievements. I do hope there is no Turbo achievement as the levels are so much larger... but then again there are only three.
The Bathroom fight in Chapter 1 is skipable, i didn't fight any guys and just ran to the back of the room, the fire explosion will occur. you can then proceed and run to the hole directly, no fighting involved.

did this twice on my 2 attempts

and there is no Turbo type achievement in W2, I've already 200/200 it, it has it's share of tough achievements, i have posted some tips on some of them on the W2 forum
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