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Originally Posted by Ooyah View Post
I haven't spent too long with it yet, but so far I only have a few concerns. The speed of movement seems a bit too fast, and the sprites seem bigger than they used to be, which isn't a good thing. Oh, and why did they have to update the classic music?

Other than that, looks good. But Bubble Bobble is such a finely tuned game that even the smallest of changes can unbalance it, as Taito have proved time and again when trying to make new versions of it. The original arcade version is still the best, with either the C64 or the Master System versions being the best conversions. Although the version on Taito Legends on the original Xbox was arcade perfect.

Still, really enjoyed my time on it last night, although I am rusty. I used to be able to get to level 60 on a single life, but not any more. Can't wait for some more time with it.

LOL i could get to around lvl 60 to!
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