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All Chests, Maidens, & Runes (Corrected/Complete)

The existing guide is not accurate, so I decided to post a corrected version. I used the guide submitted by dtolley and added the changes suggested by JieXY. I also removed all the boss tips because there is a separate guide for that. I got all the collection achievements with no trouble.

Chest, Maiden, and Rune Locations

RUINS (2 chests)
Starting the game you'll be in what I would call a training stage. You'll be fighting different colored wraiths. Once you get to the end of the area, on the far right side you should see chest # 1. In this same area go to the left of the screen and then come back toward the camera near the snowpile, chest # 2 is there.

PIRATE (6 chests, 2 maidens, 1 rune)
Part 1: As soon as you start, come back towards the camera, chest # 3 is on the right. Head forward fighting a few enemies and you should see chest # 4 in sight on the left side. There will be some vines on the left side soon, break them to find Maiden # 1. Proceed forward until you see some vines on the right, break them to find chest # 5. Continue on your way to the area at the dock. After crossing the bridge, you'll encounter a Captain. In this area, chest # 6 is behind the elevator.
Part2: You'll be shown the green runes # 1, so if you miss them, you might as well quit playing now. Continue playing and after the first ship battle, (where you have to shoot arrows at the ship) you will find chest # 7 on the second ledge where the two archers are. After the second ship battle there will be a path on the right. Chest # 8 and maiden # 2 are here.

DESERT (5 chests, 1 rune)
You will come across a cart that is blocking your path. After moving it out of the way you'll be in an area that you will have to knock a pillar over to climb up. This area also has green runes # 2. Kill everyone, knock pillar over, climb up and head left. Break far left gate to find chest # 9 You will come to an area that you have to slide a pillar over and knock some pillars down to pass. Knock the first pillar down and climb to the second level. Go to the far left and break another gate to find chest # 10. You should have no problem finding the next two chests. After climbing up next to the falling sand, you should see some more breakable gates. Break these to find chest # 11 and chest # 12
The next chest will be found during the dragon fight. Once you fight him a couple times a cut scene will show you hanging on to a tower and it's falling down. Start climbing and you'll see chest # 13 on the left about halfway up.

VOODOO (10 chests, 6 maidens, 3 runes)
Part 1: Start burning all the huts down. One of the huts on the right side contains chest # 14. Maiden # 3 is also on the right pretty close to this area. Be sure to get red rune # 1 here as well. After burning through the blockage, burn all the huts (and the leather hut) You will find chest # 15, chest # 16, chest # 17, and chest # 18 here. In a few you should come to a save point. Grab some fire and back-track to some briars that can be burned. A couple lions will jump down, so watch it. Climb up the ledge to get chest # 19. Break the barrier into the next section, go left and find chest # 20 and maiden # 4. You will then see a cutscene of Conan saving a maiden. There will be maiden # 5 next to yellow symbol windstone. Burn hut next to blue symbol windstone for chest # 21.
Part 2: Kill monkeys and find the green runes # 3. Next room you will see a health urn on the left. Climb up there and you'll find chest # 22. In the next section, follow the path next to the tar and go up the ramp. A monkey comes through the wall and reveals maiden # 6. You will come to a spot where you have to break a chain and pull the wall down. Maiden # 7 is right next to you. In this area you will find blue runes # 1. Follow along right wall next to tar and another monkey will break through to show you chest # 23. Maiden # 8 is on right wall by monkey next to blue rune.

NIGHTS (15 chests, 10 maidens, 3 runes)
Part 1: Go right and knock boulder out of your way. Jump over to the next ledge and activate red runes # 2 and then jump down to get chest # 24 Next area you will burn all the tents and find chest # 25, chest # 26, and chest # 27. Go past the boat to the end of the dock and save maiden # 9. On boat, go left first and below deck you will find chest # 28 and chest # 29. Next boat dock, maiden # 10 at end of dock. On boat, right side below deck chest # 30 behind some crates.
Part 2: At start, go left for chest # 31. Go all the way right and towards camera to go down the dock to find chest # 32. Next section you'll find red runes # 3. (Don't knock over the pillar until you have the red runes.) Climb up to the area with all the worm/birds. In the right corner you will see chest # 33. Climb up wall and on the fifth or six ledge, the camera will change to show the bridge. Jump to the left instead of going toward the bridge and you will find chest # 34. Climb up to ledge right before bridge and go left again to find chest # 35. At bridge level on left you will see a breakable door, bust it down to find savepoint and maiden # 11. Cross bridge and next room on the right you will find another breakable door with chest # 36 and maiden # 12. Another room or two away you will see maiden # 13 and maiden # 14. In the courtyard, you will find maiden # 15, maiden # 16, and blue runes # 2. Climb scaffolds, hit savepoint, knock over pillar, and find maiden # 17 and chest # 37. Go into next room and find chest # 38 behind some vases next to the stairs.

ARGOS MOUNTAINS (5 chests, 1 maiden, 1 rune)
Climb up to top avoiding boulders and go left without dropping down to next level. The camera should turn to show chest # 39. Get to castle area and use arrows to destroy statues in the right and left corners and the crates at the end of the dock. This gives you access to the blue runes # 3. Chest # 40 on top of the tower next to one of the blue runes. Hit the levers, open the gate, and go left to find maiden # 18. Inside castle, go to the rooms on each side of the stairs to get chest # 41 and chest # 42. Maiden # 19 is behind a breakable wall in the left room. Making your way back outside on a balcony, climb up the wall, head left, take down two breakable doors, and find chest # 43.

CITY IN FLAMES (7 chests, 3 maidens, 1 rune)
Hugging the edge close to the camera, go right and drop off ledge to find maiden # 20 and green runes # 4. Continue down the road all the way down to the right to find chest # 44. Put out fire, climb and drop down. (you may hear the maiden, but you can't get to her from here) Climb up awning to savepoint. Go right and follow it to find a breakable wall with maiden # 21. Drop down, go towards pillars that have fire behind them to find chest # 45. Right next to that, where the lions came out, you will find maiden # 22. Open gate, climb awning, break wall on left for chest # 46. Circle around to other side to get chest # 47. Now drop down and go left, busting door down, to find chest # 48. You 'll come up to a savepoint with chest # 49 and chest # 50 right beside it.

SNOW MOUNTAINS (7 chests, 2 maidens, 2 runes)
After two or three lion fights, you should see some pillars on the left with chest # 51. From here, backtrack about 10 steps and notice the square shaped rock to climb up. Follow the path, drop into a building, to find blue runes # 4. From the second blue rune, you should see a ramp with maiden # 23. In the caves, hit the savepoint, hug left wall, jump tar, and climb wall for chest # 52. When you are climbing the wall and avoiding tar (which makes you fall and die), instead of jumping straight to the right to a platform, you should jump downwards when at the last ledge and follow the ledges, you will see a chest # 53 lying on a small platform. After breaking down wall by pulling chain, hug the far side until you see a wall to climb. (should be a boulder monkey there) You will find maiden # 24 here. Kill stuff, lift door, and go right until statue comes alive. Behind where the statue stood is chest # 54. Come back towards camera side and follow wall to reveal chest # 55. Knock stone down hole and continue. Go right to knock over a pillar and see red runes # 4. (this one will be the second one you will need to hit) Go left, knock over pillar, cross it, notice red rune and knock over another pillar to create a bridge to the exit. Now you should hit this rune first, run to the other one you saw, and then cross the new formed bridge, the final red is to your right as soon as you cross the bridge. If you miss it, sorry, but the bridge you crossed was a checkpoint. You'll need to reload your save to get to it again. Next room hit save point, go left to get chest # 56 and then go right. Pull chain, break wall, and go straight to breakable wall with chest # 57. Break wall by pulling chain, kill the two statues, find two breakable walls with savepoint and chest # 58.

FINAL (5 chests)
When you start, camera is facing you and door. go to your left and see chest # 59. At the next savepoint, kill stuff, then jump to next part of level, go right, (by the tar) get chest # 60. Work your way forward go to the left side near statue and find chest # 61. Grab boulder from behind statue, break right wall to find chest # 62. After climbing up and fighting several enemies and statues, chest # 63. is behind where the left statue was.
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