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Achievement Walkthrough

I got the idea for this thread from one posted by Frankie B1 in the Quantum of Solace thread. This is a combination of a number of different threads on this forum. There is a lot of great info here but it is spread out - I wanted to condense it so it is easier to follow.

The walkthrough I have done myself on POTUS Detail difficulty while using a number of different threads and the achievement guide (Found Here: Secret Service by YouStayClassy) Hopefully this will help you finish the game a little quicker.

If you like the video walkthroughs they can be found here: Youtube Walkthrough!


Collectible list (phones,weapons and cameras) Posted By: Rocha12

Originally Posted by Rocha12 View Post
This lists all the collectibles in the order they appear, I take no credit for any of this, I merely cut and pasted the information from other threads on x360a, and added a word here and there to make it easier to follow. If you want to see the original threads, or to leave a much deserved thanks to the creators, they are here:

The first 22 cell phone locations by forum user Rotary Blaze:
The last 28 cell phone locations by forum user Gooseboxer:
The 27 cameras/turrets locations by forum user rotorschnee:
The weapons locations (from the guide) by forum user YouStayClassy:
I adjusted the abbreviation key from the thread listed above to fit my format and added a few things in some of the descriptions for clarification.

Abbreviation Key:

[Ach] – Achievement
[CP: # - #] – Cell Phone: # Current Level – # Overall (Phone Achievements)
[Cam: # - #] – Camera: # Current Level - # Overall (Camera Achievements)
[Weap: # - #] – Weapon: # Current Level - # Overall (Weapon Tester Achievement)
[FE: #] – Fire Extinguisher # (Loves Fire, Hates Red Containers Achievement)
[Bust: #] – Bust # (No Body Cares Achievement)
[Mine: #] – Trip Mine # - Rogue Agent Level (Too Lazy To Jump And Crouch)

Please post any questions or comments. Thanks!

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