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Note: First things first - if you are going to attempt the "Gives Instead Of Takes Bullets" ach you need to use the dashboard glitch. When you die you need to pause the game and exit to the dashboard. Go back into the game and continue where you left off. I had to use it on a number of different occasions and the achievement unlocked no problem.

Inaugural Assault

Achievements Earned:

In Just 30 Seconds A Day
Bullet Waltz
Expert Marksman
Inaugural Assault - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty

Achievements Started:

Weapon Tester
Some Of Them Still Have Minutes
Haven't Found A Color I Like
Opening A Local Wireless Store
Soft Spot


In the very first section go ahead and take the time to hit "In Just 30 Seconds A Day” and “Bullet Waltz”.

“In Just 30 Seconds A Day” - Start with “In Just …” – Do the Crouches and Leans first then Run until the achievement unlocks. Your running is limited so take a short break and run again.

“Bullet Waltz” – Again, do the rest of the Crouches and Leans first then run. You have to run for 3 Minutes total so just keep doing it until it unlocks.

The first part is very straight forward – you learn the controls – follow the marker on your compass to the objective.

Follow the President to the Lincoln Memorial

[Weap: 1 - 1]
- [TS5-M4] You start the level with this weapon. (Pull the Right Trigger to use – Press the Y Button to change guns)
[Weap: 2 - 2] - [.40SS] You start the level with this weapon. (Pull the Right Trigger to use)
[Weap: 3 - 3] - [Stun Gun] You start the level with this weapon. (Click the Right Stick to use)

“Expert Marksman” – As soon as you get control of your character again turn around and unload an entire clip of ammo into a nearby wall.

Click your Right Stick to use the stun gun – you need it for “Weapon Tester” – don’t think you have to hit anything with it just use it.

Switch to your handgun and keep using it until you unlock “Cowboy” – after that you can switch back to your machine gun – try to headshot people throughout the game starting here to unlock “Soft Spot”.

[CP: 1 - 1]
- [Adios] This is located northeast of the Lincoln Memorial almost between two pillars.

Enemies will attack from the front of the building – you can not leave the top while the
President is there.

Kill all enemies to get the next check point – Approx. 25 – 30 enemies depending on how many the other secret service agents kill.

[Weap: 4 - 4]
- [KFM 03] Dropped by enemies in level. (You will have a lot of opportunities for this gun – stick with the handgun for now)

[CP: 2 - 2]
- [I Am El Arma] This cell phone may require a little bit of searching. It is dropped by one of the terrorists in the battle at the beginning of the stage. So it's in open area where the helicopter crashes.

After the battle go to the front of the memorial and wait for the helicopter to crash.

When you are clear to go head toward the downed helicopter and turn Right into the opening of the bushes and pick up the sniper rifle.

[Weap: 5 - 5]
- [M70] This is the sniper rifle you pick up just after the helicopter crashes.

Kill the three enemies then snipe the RPG gunner on the tower across from you.

Pick up the ammo in the tent on the Right turn the corner and snipe the guy by the bill board

Kill the guy that pops out and pick up the cell phone.

[CP: 3 - 3]
- [All Assaults Green] In the area where you have to snipe the two RPG gunners. Kill a man with a hoodie and he will drop it.

Before you pass the two smoking cop cars snipe the third RPG gunner.

Progress forward and kill the three guys at the black SUV, snipe the guy on top of the memorial.

[CP: 4 - 4]
- [Delgado DUI] After (it was before on my play) killing the RPG gunner on top of the Lincoln Memorial (4th gunner), three enemies will attack you as you move north. One of them will have the cell phone. He is wearing an orange vest.
(Be advised that once you start to go north of the Lincoln Memorial in a narrow walkway, a fire will block your path from returning to the earlier part of the level until you kill the RPG gunner at the LCD screen.)

Head toward the downed helicopter again and kill the 4 guys – wait at the opening in the bushes on the right for the 4th guy to show up.

Kill the three guys head toward the stacked boxes – turn around and kill the 5 guys by the white tent.

[CP: 5 - 5]
- [Reacquire Targets] After passing through a narrow path, you will see a bunch of stacked red boxes. There is a dead SS agent leaning on a metal fence.
Northwest of him is a tent. Inside the tent there is a control panel, the cell phone is on top of it.

Snipe the RPG gunner on the crane past the white tent.

Kill the five guys then snipe the RPG gunner on the stand directly across from you.

[CP: 6 - 6]
- [Canisters] After killing the 5th RPG gunner, follow the path until you begin moving east again. There will be four portable toilets in the vicinity and a trailer on your left when you are facing east. Enemy will attack in this narrow area. One of them has the cell phone.

At the cue head back the way you came to the Lincoln Memorial – kill the random guy in the bushes on the right.

Kill the next four terrorist one at a time to make sure you get the next phone – you can miss it and you will have to start over.

[CP: 7 - 7]
- [Earn Every Penny] When you return to the Lincoln Memorial, there will be four terrorists in a gunfight with the rest of the SS agents. One of them has the cell phone. If you can, search their body after you have killed one of them. Once you have killed all of them, the level will end quickly. So you must rush to the cell phone and pick it up. If you miss it, you have to restart the level.
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