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Coup D'etat

Achievements Earned:

Drop The Pin
Some Of Them Still Have Minutes
Merciless Speed
Five Birds With One Boom
No Body Cares
Bow To No One!
From The Hip
Coup D’etat - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty

Achievements Started:

Loves Fire, Hates Red Containers


First and foremost – DO NOT CROUCH AND DO NOT USE YOUR GUN SIGHTS. You will unlock “Bow To No One!” and “From The Hip”. This mission is not that hard just make sure you are paying attention.

[Weap: 1 - 6] - [Grenade] You start the level with this weapon.
[Weap: 2 - 7] - [UZI] Dropped by enemies on level.

[Ach] “Drop The Pin” - As soon as you are able to take control of your character walk next to the nearest wall and throw a grenade at your feet to kill yourself.

[Bust: 1 – 3] - At the bottom of the first set of stairs to your Left there are three bust to destroy.

[FE: 1] - After you turn the corner at the grenade prompt there is a fire extinguisher on your right.

[CP: 1 – 8] - [Target Number Two] At the beginning of the level you will get a prompt to press LB to throw a grenade. You will encounter enemy here. Once they are taken care of, the first room on the left is a small office. The cell phone is on top of the desk.

There are seven enemies to defeat when you reach the hallway with the security door.

[Bust: 4 – 5] – In the same hallway as the enemies above.

[Weap: 3 - 8] - [CQC 800] Found in the office on the right (opposite the room with CP1).

Ignore the last room on the Right – you will exit there later.

Six enemies in the room to the Left.

[FE: 2] – On the far wall of this room with the six enemies – you should see it directly across the room as you enter the main door.

Another enemy in the next halway.

Stop halfway up the stairs and kill the two enemies that attack you.

Don’t cross the next area yet – kill the four enemies on the lower floor to your Right.

Ignore the bust in the far lower room for now – you will be back there soon enough.

Stop at the halfway point of the next set of stairs going down – kill the enemy there.

Hack the computer in the control room – the hacks are different every time. Keep trying until you get it – the first one is the easiest.

When you go through the newly opened door go to the next door way (don’t go through yet) and sit against the wall between the doorway and the book shelf – you get ambushed by four enemies and the bookshelf makes a nice bunker to hide in.

[FE: – 3] – Is on the wall on the Right after the ambush.

[CP: 2 – 9] - [Reservations] After hacking the door open, you will be attacked by three men. One of these has a cell phone.

[Bust: 6] – Straight ahead after you go through the newly opened door.

Five enemies in the next room with the statues - two more patrolling the top of the next area.

Six enemies in the next large room – hold back and let most of them come to you. Keep backing up in you need to heal.

[Bust: 7 – 8] – In the same room.

[Bust: 9] – In the next hallway – also ambushed by one enemy.

From this hallway you can take the first door to the left and follow the rooms around to the bomb – six enemies throughout the rooms or take the last door to the right and follow those rooms around to the bomb – five enemies. Either route will get you to the second bomb.

[FE: 4 – 5] – Take the path to the Left and they are hanging on the walls.

[FE: 6 – 7] – Take the path to the Right and they are hanging on the walls – the first is behind you after you go through the door (this path also hits the next phone).

[CP: 3 – 10] - [Building's wired] In the room northeast of the 2nd bomb you have to diffuse. The room is green. The cell phone is on a bench.

[Ach] “Some Of Them Still Have Minutes” – After picking up your tenth cell phone the achievement unlocks.

[Bust: 10 – 13] – Located in the next hallway after the second bomb.

Two enemies at the top of the next set of stairs.

Six enemies (one of which has the next phone) on the lower floor of the next section – take them out before going for the bust.

[Bust: 14 -17] – Two on each side of the upper floor you are on.

[CP: 4 – 11] - [Vargas's Speech] After diffusing the bomb you will come to a large room with a T shaped stair case. You will be attacked by enemy soldiers here. One of them has the cell phone.

The next area splits in two different directions – both end up at the same spot and the enemy located there will attack you regardless of the side you choose to go down.

At the next area you get a checkpoint and are ambushed by two enemies. If you don’t have any grenades – there are two located at the top of the stairs next to the dead terrorist.

********** Check the Following Link for Help with “Five Birds With One Boom” (Also unlocks “Merciless Speed” if you have not gotten it yet). This took me four tries to get – really easy to get here.

5 Birds With 1 Boom Video Guide Posted By: NOTswaggers

Thirteen enemies in this area. Follow the hint above to get the two achievements.

[Bust: 18] – In the main room on your Left

[Bust: 19 – 20] – In the room to the Right

[Ach] “No Body Cares” – Unlocks after you have shot twenty bust total – you have this level and the next level to destroy enough bust for the achievement.

[Bust: 21 – 22] In the room to the Left just in case you missed two somewhere else in the building.
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