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Note: If you intend to do two play throughs DO NOT use your night vision goggles in this mission or any other throughout your first play through in order to unlock “What Are You A Cat?”. If you have having trouble finding your way through the darkened sections click START and go to the options menu. Increase the brightness level to 10. It will help you make it through without using your night vision. The brightness level however does not help with the trip mines. If you do get stuck and need to use the goggles turn them on check for what you need and then reload your last checkpoint. Do not get a checkpoint with them on or it will void the achievement.


When the mission starts follow your compass through the door openings into the hallway.

Keep following your compass down the stairs – no enemies yet.

After the section with the red light you should hear your first set of enemies getting ready to attack.

There are six enemies at the bottom of the stairs – if you shoot the first one then back up they will all come after you. Keep retreating up the stairs if you need to heal.

If for some reason you missed the “Loves Fire…” achievement you can get it here – there are at least nine fire extinguishers in the hallways and stairways leading to the bottom floor.

[Ach] “Hopefully No Long Term Effects…” - When you reach the bottom floor you need to take a Left through the open doors – before you take the Left there is an electric fence in front of you. Walk into the fence and back away as soon as it hits you. Wait for your health to return to normal and do it again. After you hit the fence 15 time the achievement will unlock.

After the achievement follow; the compass marker into the room you passed. You will get an objective update and be stuck behind an electric fence.

To get out of this room – go up the stairs to the extended platform, jump across then crouch to get under the stuff blocking your way. Jump the next gap (stand up first) and walk through the opening at the first fence. Jump the next gap and crouch again. After you exit the crouch stand up and jump the next gap. You can see the door way ahead of you before you take the last jump. The door way and room are both dark.
Follow the compass around and pick up the goggles – remember not to use them if you are going for the “What Are You A Cat?” ach.

Follow the tunnel around to the open area.

At the open area labeled “M2M1” you will hit your first camera. If you get hit by the camera reload your last checkpoint so you can earn the “Cameraman” achievement.

When trying to destroy a camera it is best to shoot the red / yellow light on the side. If you can’t see the light move closer until it turns toward you – back away and shoot it from a distance. Red means it sees you – yellow means it does not.

[Cam: 1 – 1] End of tunnel you get night vision in, but right before the elevator. In a room with a red barrel and a sign that points right and says “M2M1”.

Follow your compass marker up the stairs on the Right, through the door on the Right.

Turn Left down the hallway and Left into the elevator.

After the elevator and checkpoint; follow the hallway to the tunnel at the end. Three enemies attack at the bottom – five more after that (you may have to move forward to get them to come out after you).

When you enter this area you can go straight forward or take the door on the Left. The door to the Left has four enemies – two in each room – the second room has the cell phone.

When you enter the room on the Right you will be attacked by another enemy straight ahead and two more on the raised platform to the Right.

[CP: 1 - 18] - [Diplomacy of Death] After going down the elevator and arguing with your superior. You will come to a tunnel with a rail car. In this tunnel, east of the rail car is a control room. The room to the south east of this has a small control panel in the middle of the room. The cell phone is on top of this control panel.

When you reach the electric fence the room to the left has two enemies, the room to to the right has two enemies. When the guys in the room on the left see you they set off the alarm – all four will make their way to the main area if you sit and wait on them.

[CP: 2 - 19] - [Wichita] Follow the rail/track until you get to an electric fence. you can go either left or right. Go right and you will reach a room with a few boxes and enemies.

There will be two men on a slightly higher level on the north side of this room. There are also two double doors here. You can reach this by jumping on the boxes. One of the guys you killed had a cell phone.

[Weap: 1 - 11] - [RPG] Found in the room full of boxes, same as P2.

Six enemies in the next area – clear them then head up the stairs to the catwalk and the next phone.

[CP: 3 - 20] - [Garfield] After the last cell phone, move to the next room to the south.

Clear the enemies and go up onto the catwalk. You will see it to your north once you get onto the catwalk. The two openings lead to the same spot (go to the one on the Right – there is decent cover on both sides though) – when you drop down you will be ambushed by two enemies on the upper catwalk. After killing them, use the train car and boxes to jump your way up to the catwalk the enemies were on.

The next area has two enemies on the lower floor – you may need to go down the stairs a little to draw the second one out.

Two more attack when you get to the bottom of the stairs – go back up and take them out from above.

Another enemy in the next area you enter.

Go through the darkened hallway and you will trip the bomb and start the next objective.

Turn Right into the first room you come to and kill the enemy there.

When you enter the room there is a hallway to your right – it is full of trip mines. If you want “It Turns Out…” quicker walk into the beams and kill your self – reload the check point and do it again. You do not have to die to get the achievement however and you will unlock it shortly anyway.

If you are not using the goggles make your way slowly through the tunnel.

You will hit the first trip wire right after entering the tunnel.

The second one is a little tricky – walk straight forward until you hit the wall – if it did not trip walk to your Right along that wall. At the end of the hall there are two trip mines facing across the tunnel and one facing toward you (the one near the wall) it is going to be better for you if you trip the one along the wall first – you will most likely be too close when you trip the others and it will kill you.

After you trip the alarm walk forward until you hear the enemy – step back into the tunnel and wait for them. Four enemies will attack – if they don’t take a few steps out to draw them out.

Further down the area you will be attacked by six more – four on the ground (one of which is around the corner), one above on a cat walk, one around the corner on the catwalk – use the shipping crates for cover. The room with the cell phone is before you turn the corner.

[CP: 4 - 21] - [Who Are They Talking To?] After tripping the laser which sets off the alarm and closes the doors, you will be back in the tunnel with the rail cars. As you move southwest along the tunnel, there will be a room on your right. When you enter this room, the cell phone will be on the left side.

After you turn the corner you should be looking at a catwalk with a set of stairs on your Left – the computer to turn off the alarm is on the Right on the catwalk.

When you enter the room that you just opened there is a trip mine on the Left – it wont kill you if you back up when the explosion goes off.

The hallway to your Right that you have to go down is FULL of trip mines!

Walk slowly against the wall on the Left side of the stairs – when you trip the mines back up and you will not be killed – when you set off those mines they all blow up and your path down the hall is clear.

[Ach] “Turns Out They Don’t Hail A Cab” - If you died on one of those trip mines you should have hit enough to unlock “Turn Out They…”. If you have not gotten it yet the checkpoint is right before this part so kill your self and do it again.

Follow the path on the bottom floor – stop when you get next to a large blue machine – you will be looking at a camera attached to the ceiling.

[Cam: 2 – 2] Past the double doors you hack to open to the hall full of lasers. Right adjacent to a computer terminal you have to hack to open the fence door.

Before you move to the terminal on your Left shoot the Camera behind it.

[Cam: 3 – 3] Right behind the computer next to the 2nd turret.

Drop down to the floor on your Right and shoot the cameras before you go through the newly opened gate.
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