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Urban Legend Cont.

[Cam: 4 – 4 and 5 – 5] After hacking the computer, one on each side of the fence door that opens. (You can shoot the one on the Right through the fence)

When you go through the newly opened gate the phone is in front of you.

[CP: 5 - 22] - [Invaded by Costa Sentava] You will reach a point where there are 4 turret cameras (Cam 2 - Cam 5) and you have to hack a computer to open the electric gate. After opening the gate, you will see it on top of some boxes on the Right as you pass through the gate.

When you turn Left toward your compass marker you will be facing five large green boxes – three on the left two further down on the right – THERE IS A TRIP MINE ACROSS THE OPENING BETWEEN THEM. Walk slowly along the far Right side wall (you will be facing the boxes) – trip the mine and back up.
Before you go forward much more shoot the two cameras you can see down the hall.

[Cam: 6 - 6 and 7 – 7] Down the hall from the Cam 4 and Cam 5; in a small area with lasers and a sign marked “Storage A1-3”.

There are five trip mines at the cameras as well.

Walk along the Left wall (Left if you are facing the cameras).

You will miss the first one – hidden by the silver barricade behind the two green boxes – it is cut off by the rail car in the middle of the room.

The next two beams are directly in front of the rail car – the other two are across the door you are headed to.

I didn’t have much trouble on the Rookie difficulty but I did on POTUS detail. When you get to the end of the rail car look Right and you will see that you can jump on the rail car. From the rail car you can now jump (or from the ground if you would like) on the stack of small boxes directly in front of you. You should be able to see the trip mines on the south west wall in front of you but not the ones on the small boxes pointing toward the south east wall. From the top of these boxes you can now jump south west toward the door.
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