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Collateral Damage

Achievements Earned:

The Memory Of A Goldfish
Collateral Damage - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty


Start this mission slowly – do not jump down off the platform yet. Turn to your Right as you step out a little bit and the first camera will be alerted. It will move toward you – kill it then step out further to trigger the second one.

[Cam: 1 - 8 and 2 - 9] Right when you start the level. They are at the end of the hallway but move up to you.

After you destroy both cameras drop down and head north west toward the compass marker.

There are two trip mines on the other side of the door on your Left but they won’t hurt you.

There are also three mines on the other side of the A2 pillar across from you and two more on the A2 pillar next to you. From the door opening toss one of your grenades (you start the mission with two) at the A2 pillar across from the door opening and back up quickly. After the explosion the room is now free of mines.

Now go up the stairs and follow the walkway into the darkened room.

Look up at the lights if you are having trouble getting through without your night vision – the single lights lead down a hallway the + shaped lights indicate an intersection in the hallways.

There are three enemies patrolling this area. Go to the first intersection and look Left down the hallway. Wait here for someone to spot you – you don’t want to go down the hallways without your night vision if there are enemies – they can see you just fine. After you kill all three take the first Left indicated above then turn Right at the next intersection.

Follow this all the way to the end to get the cell phone.

[CP: 1 - 23] - [Pinned Down] this phone is dropped in the darkened room after you kill the enemy. (Personally I think it is in a constant position – located at the end of the hallway next to a dead body and some ammo)

From the cell phone turn around, turn Right at the intersection, turn Left at the next, then

Right at the next.

After you cross the catwalks you will find the computer you need to hack – fail the hack on purpose to get the next two cameras.

[Cam: 3 - 10 and 4 - 11] Fail the first computer you have to hack twice. It’s located after the dark corridors.

When you drop and cross the threshold of the newly opened door it triggers the next two cameras. They have a pretty good range so you may want to back up behind some boxes and take them out one at a time.

[Cam: 5 - 12 and 6 - 13] Right after opening the door that triggers the 3rd and 4th turrets.

Proceed down the hall but before jumping over the fence: they move toward you.

To cross the fence jump on the brown cases on your Right, jump across to the big green boxes then jump over the fence.

Now go up the stairs into the war rooms on your Right.

Straight ahead in the next area there are enemies patrolling – kill the first one and it will set off the alarm.

Go to the top of the next set of stairs and wait for three more to come through the door.

Three more enemies scattered throughout the rooms – progress slowly – they can flank you if you are not careful.

Three more show up when you kill the first three.
When all enemies are dead the alarm will turn off and you can go and hack the computer.

Before you start the hack familiarize yourself with the area and reload your weapons – if you fail the hack you will be attacked by three more enemies. If you fail crouch down and use the wall behind you for a little bit of cover. Shoot them quick and change weapons instead of reloading.

After you head back downstairs you will be attacked by four more enemies.

Before you enter the large war room, take your time to kill as many enemies as possible – fall back and use the wall for cover if you need to heal.

I counted fourteen enemies in the large war room – if you don’t see any take a few steps into the room and they should come out.
After you clear out the room head upstairs to the darkened hallway – the hallway is clear to the computer.

The computer opens a new area filled with trip wires if you trip one they all go off – if you plan on not using your night vision try this:

Stay to the Left of the door – you can see the two trip mines on the Right side.

Turn Left on the platform – you can now see two more sets in front of you – hug the Left wall and crouch – you should pass right under them.

Follow the pathway to the next door – turn Right out the door and you will run into two more sets just like the last two – crouch and hug the Right wall this time.

Walk forward under the second one and you will drop to the next level.

The door you are trying to get to is now two levels below and in front of you – I found this next part by accident – after the drop above keep walking forward – there are small holes in the walkway near the doors on your Right that will drop you to the next level (you don’t have to fight your way through the large number of mines on the other side).

After you drop down again you will see a set of stairs leading to the floor – the floor is covered with red electric warnings – it won’t kill you instantly but you can not stand on it for very long.

Now you can either try your luck jumping on the crates and boxes in the middle – you need to find a low spot or you can jump along the Right side wall – there is an open area on the Right with no electric in the floor directly across from the door you need to go into. From there you can jump your way across to the open door. The floor will hurt you a little but as long as you keep jumping your way across it won’t kill you.

When you go through the door turn Right and you are now in the missile silo room.

[CP: 2 - 24] - [Black and White Politics] after the 3rd terminal, go through the tripwire beam rooms and you will end up in the Missile Silo room. Go down the second set of stairs and the phone is on the corner of the platform. (Description is deceiving – take the first set of stairs on your Left, at the bottom of those stairs turn Left and take the next set down again – the phone is in the corner on the Right near the missile)

When you enter the room with the computers and the stairs in front of you there are two enemies on the floor above you. Shoot at them from the stairs and they will run away.

There are now five enemies in the next room – when they see you the alarm will sound – kill them and it goes off.

The computer you need to hack is on the Right when you enter the room.

After you hack the computer go upstairs through the newly opened door and follow your compass objective marker.

When you get to the top a door opens to your Right – there are three enemies there – step forward a little to draw them out. After you kill the three a fourth appears on the catwalk to your Left.

[Ach] “The Memory Of A Goldfish” – I unlocked this achievement by accident. When the door opened I checked my list and still did not have the last phone so I started to backtrack to find it – the achievement popped as I had gotten half way back to the last control room. When you get to the top and the large door opens; the enemy has set up a number of trip mines in the room. After you get their attention someone will eventually walk into one by accident.

Mine Locations in this room: (if the achievement has already popped blow up the mines as you find them – it will help in the next section.

* The first pillar C1 - to the Left in front of the cat walk (higher – angled down toward the pillar ) to the Right on the C1 logo on the far Right wall (straight across).
* Pillar three Left side – chest height (straight across)
* Pillar four Left side – higher on the Left wall (straight across head height)
* Pillar four Right side – lower on the Right wall (angled up)
* Pillar five Left side – attached to the pillar (straight across head height)

[Cam: 7 - 14 and 8 - 15] In “Storage Area C1”, the dark area at the end of the level. (Camera 1 is between the first and second pillar – Left side; camera two is between pillar three and four still Left side of room)

I counted seven enemies scattered throughout the room – before you get to the end of the room make sure you have blow up all the mines on the Left side of the room – you will be running back through this area.

After you round the corner a large door opens and you are attacked by three enemies in the computer room. As soon as you kill them turn around and run back to the main control room you were in earlier – this section is timed – do not wait for Doyle to tell you to go back – head that direction as soon as you kill the enemies in the computer room.

When you get back to the control room there are seven enemies on the lower floor – kill them then hack the computer to stop the count down.

After you successfully hack the computer head back upstairs to where you just were.

At the C1 storage area you will be ambushed again by your enemies – three more at the entrance (again) and four more further along.
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