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Rogue Agent

Achievements Earned:

Camera Shy
Awful Surprise
Don’t Tase Me Bro
Too Lazy To Jump And Crouch
No Record
Rogue Agent - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty

Achievements Started:

Like Static With Unconciousness

Note: Refill your taser every chance you get – it only holds thirty rounds. Remember you are not to kill any of the agents in this level and the next.


Take down the three agents in the room with the taser – if you get a good shot on the first one you can unlock “Awful Surprise” if not don’t worry there will be plenty of chances.

If you follow the hallway instead of going into the room you will get the three other agents from the back entrance.

[CP: 1 - 25] - [The Smell of Conspiracy] after you taser the open room of agents, go up the stairs and the phone is sitting on top of the desk in the northwest corner room.

Switch to your machine gun to take out the cameras and the mines.

[Cam: 1 - 16, 2 - 17, 3 - 18 and 4 - 19] In large room near the beginning (same as P2), labeled as “Supply Depot A”. One in each corner.

Walk toward the cameras to get their attention then back away – it will make it easier to kill them.

[CP: 2 - 26] - [Shut Him Up] after the checkpoint, you will enter a room with four turret cameras. The phone is sitting on top of a tarp covered crate at the base of the far stairs hugging the wall.

[Mine: 1, 2, 3] After the phone and before you head into the tunnel labeled Line A – just before the dark part of the tunnel you can see them on the right side – shoot one and all three blow up.

[Mine: 4, 5] After entering the tunnel hug the Left wall and watch the Right wall – you will see them on the Right below a sign that says “Turntable”.

[Cam: 5 - 20, 6 - 21, 7 - 22, and 8 - 23] In the dark hallway between “Supply Depot A” and the turntable room. (Drop below the rail car to get the second set)

After the cameras switch back to your taser to fight the agents in the next area – it helps to stay on the rail car for as long as you can – the boxes help protect you from the agents.

Take out the three agents then drop down off the rail car – do not pick up the ammo yet – there are a lot more agents still to come.

One to the Left and another across to the Right

Use the room to your Left before the rail car as a hiding place – walk past the front of the rail car then turn around and run back to the room you just left. The wall will give you a little cover when the next four agents attack. Crossing the rail car seems to trigger them.

After you take them out go ahead and refill you ammo.

[CP: 3 - 27] - [Bead on Pierce] after you clear the turret and tripwire beams in the tunnel, you will be engaged by agents. You will be in the train depot chamber. One of the agents you taser will drop the phone.

Go across the room and up two flights of stairs – circle around to the control room.

Take out the three agents in the control room then hit the switch for the turntable.

After the turntable stops head back downstairs and drop down under the grate to get into the red area labeled “Line B Power System Cooling”

[Cam: 9 - 24 and 10 - 25] After flipping the turntable switch the first time and crawling under the tracks on the way to the “Power Systems Cooling” room. At the start of the dark rail tunnel.

[Ach] – “Camera Shy” – Unlocks after you destroy the 25th camera.

[Mine: 6] When you get to the open area go in the door to the Left at the first corner (to the Right) there is a mine at the bottom – jump it.

[Mine: 7] Around the next corner is another – jump it as well

[Mine: 8, 9] Around the next corner there are two more one low and one high – before you pass these crouch and shoot the camera.

[Cam: 11 - 26] Up the stairs at the end of the dark hall with the laser mines on the way to the “Power Systems Cooling” room.

Now from the safety of the top of the stairs you can shoot the last two mines. After you destroy them go back around the corner after the first two (use the wall for cover as much as possible).

When you get to the top of the area and you see the door on your Left crouch and move forward slowly. The agents below do not know you are there and now is a great time to get “Awful Surprise”.

There are seven agents on the lower floor – if you can not get them so show up you will have to drop down – there is a lot of cover to work with.

After you take out the agents go up the stairs on the east wall and use the duct work to cross over and drop into the restricted area.

Three agents ambush you immediately after the camera.

[Cam: 12 - 27] After jumping the fence from the ceiling duct work in the room with the fans, at the start of the dark hall on the way to the generators.

[Ach] – “No Record” – This achievement unlocks after you destroy the last camera.

Make your way down the stairs – at the bottom when you round a corner you are facing an agent walking away from you. If you still don’t have “Awful Surprise” you can’t miss this one. Walk slowly just to make sure. There are two agents here but the other will see you when you tase his partner.

There are four agents in the generator room. Take them out and hack the computer.

[Mine: 10] Before you turn Left to go toward Supply Depot A stop at the door way – there is a trip mine low – jump it and you can shoot it from a distance.

[Mine: 11, 12, 13, 14] As you round the corner and you see an office on your Left there are four mines attached to the ceiling.

[Mine: 15] There is another at the end of the hallway to the Left.

[Mine: 16, 17, 18] Immediately after you shoot 15 turn around (face south) head toward the blocked hallway – you can see the mines on the other side.

When you reach Supply Depot A there is now an agent there. If you wait long enough and tease him he will come down off the catwalk and chase after you – if you do this it should save a few taser rounds.

Use the tunnel to make your way back to the turntable control room again – the path should be clear this time.

When you reach the White House tunnel you will be attacked by five agents. Again don’t pick up the ammo until you take them all out. One of these five has the next phone.

[CP: 4 - 28] - [Embassy on Fire] after returning to the train depot chamber once you re-power the grid, you will go in a tunnel with many agents. One will drop the phone when tasered. It’s right before the staircase with all the white house signs.

There are ten agents at the top of the stairs in the final room.
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