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Habeas Corpus

Achievements Earned:

Like Static With Unconciousness
Haven’t Found A Color I Like
White House Electrician – If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty
Habeas Corpus - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty

Note: In this level you will come across Secret Service agents as well as Sentavan Terrorists. In order to get "Like Static..." and "White House..." you need to tase all of the enemies you face. I'm not 100% sure that killing the terrorists with a machine gun will void the "White House..." ach so I wouldn't take the chance. If someone know for sure please let me know.


[Weap: 1 - 12] - [Taser] You start the Habeas Corpus level with this weapon.
[Weap: 2 - 13] - [TAR 5.56] You start the Habeas Corpus level with this weapon.

Follow your compass market to the stairs – go up the stairs – there are five enemies patrolling here – take them out one has the phone.

[CP: 1 - 29] - [White House Tour] as soon as you go up the stairs, you will taser an agent and he will drop the phone.

At the top of the stairs continue to follow the marker – take a Right, a Right, then a Left – you should be facing a room with a bust in the middle – when you move toward the room you get a checkpoint and ambushed by five enemies. Use the hallway corner for cover.

You should now be facing a hallway with an overturned bust and stand. Start down the hallway and turn Right into the first room. Use the space behind the rear Left side book shelf for cover if you need it. Kill the two enemies and pick up the next phone.

[CP: 2 - 30] - [Poet] upstairs, you will come to a room with a bust statue in the centre of the room. Clear the agents and go right into the next area. Turn right into the first room. Once inside, you will get ambushed by two agents. Once they are tasered, one agent will drop the phone.

At the top of the stairs there is a Sentavan patrolling – when he sees you he runs away to get backup. If you wait at the top of the stairs or use the large square pillars for cover you should be in good shape. Three agents attack you at the door. Don’t forget to hack the door on the Right of the open door you have to go through to get the next phone.

[CP: 3 - 31] - [Veep Terrorist] at the top of the stairs (dual entry), there is a door to be hacked. Once inside the room, there is a cell phone sitting on a dresser.

The Sentavan that ran away is through the next doorway on the Right after you enter the room. Two more enemies are in the general area.

When you get close to your compass marker there is a closed door that agents will blow open. Make sure you have someplace to take cover – they will come after you – there are eight enemies that attack after the door is blown open.

[CP: 4 - 32] - [Nameless Assassin] agents will blow a door down. Taser all the agents. One drops the phone.

There are four enemies that ambush you when you enter the darkened room. One drops the next phone.

[CP: 5 - 33] - [New Sentava] after clearing area with number 4 above, go up staircase and finally go down a series of steps. You will enter a dark room. Taser all guards and one will drop the phone

Two more enemies down the hall. Don’t forget to reload any time you find ammo – the taser does not hold enough.

[CP: 6 - 34] - [Number One Observatory Circle] when you checkpoint that ask you to assist in the assault on the oval office, look for door in the hall with a keypad. Once inside the room, the phone is laying on a desk.

After the checkpoint you will run into a lot of enemies four when you round the corner – four more after you take out the first four. Be careful with you ammo and don’t run after them – they will come to you.

[CP: 7 - 35] - [CVX shipment] found on one of the enemies storming the oval office after you kill him.

[Ach] – “Haven’t Found A Color I Like” – Unlocks after this phone if you have collected them all up to this point.
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