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Last Stand

Achievements Earned:

Weapon Tester
Last Stand - If Played on Agent or POTUS Detail difficulty


You start the mission in the oval office – no more taser thankfully. You will have to kill around a dozen enemies – hard to count – from three different windows. When you kill them all you get a checkpoint and a cut scene. You can use your grenades if you need the grenade kills ach.

The newly opened door on your Left leads to the rose garden.

You are ambushed by eight enemies in the rose garden – use the pillars for cover if you need to.

[CP: 1 - 36] - [Package was Delivered] laying in the rose garden. I am not sure if it fell of an enemy after he was shot, but after you clear the area, search the ground near the centre.

[Weap: 1 - 14] - [TCW .308] Found on a table just after you enter the building again, after the rose garden.

[Ach] - Weapon Tester - You unlock this achievement if you have picked up and used all of the available weapons in the game. If you have been following the walkthrough or at least the collectible list you should have no problem unlocking this one.

[CP: 2 - 37] - [Secure Meetings] on the floor right next to the TCW .308.

Make your way to the snipers nest on the roof to help out – you can shoot through the rail – back up if you need to and take out the RPG guys as quick as you can.

After about a dozen enemies you get a check point and are directed to down to the next level.

[CP: 3 - 38] - [Media Blackout] after clearing the enemies from the roof as a sniper, rejoin the agents. Once the fire fight ensues, turn around and phone will be on a shelf in the oval room.

Same thing as above – back up and use the office for cover – take out about 12 – 14 enemies (the other agents help a little) and you get a checkpoint.

As you make your way back there is an explosion and they call you back to where you just were – another 12 – 15 enemies later you get another check point.

[CP: 4 - 39] - [Educate Him] after clearing all the enemies from the sniper post, you are called back to the oval office. When you cross the rose garden, there is a guy lying in the middle of the garden. The phone is near him.

When you get back to the oval office another 12 – 15 enemies await you. Kill them all and the mission is over.
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