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FAQ: How To Unlock Recon. Step By Step.

First off: Please no random friend requests asking me to help. I have helped quite a few people with Endure and I really dont want to spend any more time playing for 2 hours + getting it ever again. Please see the achievement trading/firefight thread to find partners. I am no longer playing ODST.

Here is a step by step on how to unlock recon because it does not unlock once you get all of the vidmasters. There is another step that you need to do. I know a lot of people will be asking why has recon not unlocked. I have all 1000 gamerscore in the game so obviously I know what I am doing so please refrain from smart ass comments

This is not to be posted anywhere else other than x360a without my permission.

Currently Bungie is apparently Running Behind in handing out the Recon. Guess I got lucky? This is due to the stats recording being a little bit slow since it is the first day the game has been out and the sheer amount of games that have been played. I just checked a few minutes ago and it said in the last 24hrs there have been over 4 million games played so far. So if it is not unlocking please be patient as the game did just come out today. Unless you modded/hacked/cheated for it then you can just sit there and not have recon.

FAQ: For Firefight there are 5 waves per round, 3 rounds per set. So for the endure achievement you need to last 60 waves on heroic with 4 people. The weapons respawn at the end of every round.

First off you need the Vidmaster achievements from Halo 3:
7 on 7 - You need to have 7 xp on any playlist on the 7th day of any month
Annual - Complete 4 Player Legendary Live Co-op with everyone in ghosts and with iron skull on
Lightswitch - Get to a Lieutenant rank on any playlist
Brainpan - Acquire all of the skulls on all 6 mythic maps (Orbital, Sandbox, Assembly, Longshore, Citadel, Heretic)

Halo 3 Achievement Guide (has vid for Orbital, Sandbox, Assembly skulls): click here
Halo 3 Mythic Skulls (Heretic, Citadel, Longshore) youtube vids: CLICK ME

2nd You Will Need The Vidmaster Challenges from ODST:

Deja Vu - Complete Highway on Legendary 4 Player Co-op with Iron on and no Hog or Tank.

My advice here would be take your time and first chance you get you need to have at least one person in a Ghost. Another thing would be to give a fuel rod cannon to one of your AI controlled teammates since he gets infinite ammo and let him ride on the back of a mongoose with one person driving. The AI has some uncanny aim and will take down banshees, ghosts, turrets with what seems like minimal effort.

To unlock this map you or someone you are playing with will have to have beaten campaign. This is the last mission in the story and you cannot skip ahead to it. This one will unlock for single mission selection after you beat the game.

Classic - Finish a level solo on legendary without any shots fired and no grenades.

Like the achievement guide says do this on Uplift Reserve. At the beginning flip the hog over and dodge and evade as much as possible. After you get to a point where a ghost is get in there. You can boost and splatter people and still get the achievement just make sure you never hit the right trigger. I was messing around pulling the trigger with the laser and did not get the achievement so I had to start over.

Endure -In Firefight, on any mission, passed the 4th Set on 4-player Heroic LIVE co-op.

I would recommend doing this on Alpha Site. I say this because there are 3 power weapons (shotgun, rockets, sniper). There are also only 2 entry points that you can be attacked from. From where you spawn to start look forward and down that hallway is one. Also to the immediate left is the other. It is good to drop back and fight from a distance. Remember to have one person run around and use a charged plasma pistol to bust shields on the brutes. When the chieftan brutes show up use the rockets and any fuel rod cannons on them. They usually come on the 5th wave of every round. Remember to grab the weapons after a weapon drop. I accomplished this with 3 people and a 2nd account signed in and sitting in the corner so if I did this with 2 other people it is very do-able with 4 people playing. Some tips are to use the auto mag on the grunts and jackals and make sure you headshot them to conserve ammo. On the regular brutes use sticky, spike and flame grenades when necessary. Also the needler and a charged plasma pistol destroy them. After the charged plasma shot just pistol or carbine them in the head.

The Last Step!
After you unlock the last vidmaster challenge a little message will pop up and will prompt you to go to and log on with your xbox live email. You will need to go to your service record and click on the box that says unlock recon. After doing so go to the menu where you can edit your armor and for the helmet it will be #4.
*Kudos to dragonpwnr99 for the Saber Sig

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