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Questions Regarding Firefight (Including SGT Johnson)


Q: Where can I get SGT Johnson is he on the Marketplace?
A: No he was a pre-order exclusive at various retailers (Gamestop, Best Buy) and is currently not available to buy on the marketplace. This may or may not change. It is all up to Microsoft. He came on a little card that has a redemption code.

Q: Can I redeem the SGT Johnson Code More than Once?
A: No you cannot the code is for one time download only. After you download him you can use him as much as you please. I used him last night

Q: What are the unlockables?
A: Here is a list for you

Tayari Plaza unlocks Buck
Uplift Reserve unlocks Dutch
Kizingo Blvd unlocks Mickey
NMPD HQ unlocks Romeo
Beating Campaign on Legendary unlocks Dare

Data Hive Completion = Chasam 10 Firefight Map
ONI Alpha Site = Alpha Site map
Coastal Highway = Last Exit

Q: How many sets/rounds/waves must I beat to get Vidmaster: Endure?
A: Each Set is comprised of 3 rounds of 5 waves each. You have to beat 4 sets to get the achievement so a little math here... 4 sets x 3 rounds x 5 waves = 60 waves of Covenant.

Q: How do I unlock the rest of the maps for firefight?
A: You can unlock the maps by completing the rest of the game. Before going for your 200,000 pts on firefight please beat campaign first so you can have all the maps.

Q: For the 200,000 pt achievements can I do them on the night versions of the maps?
A: Yes you can

Q: For the 200K pt achievements can I do them with less than 4 people?
A: You can do them solo, with 2,3,4 people. Whatever floats your boat
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