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Full List of D2 Race Tracks

I saw a few requests for a list of all the race tracks in the game. Well, after getting stuck on the "You're the Best, Around" achievement for getting a win on every track in the game, and having to figure it out the hard way, I thought I would throw the list up on the board (in no particular order.)

I made it a little easier for everybody who didn't keep track (like me!) by noting all the tracks that are single race events with astrisks. The tracks in bold print, you only play them in the game as part of a multi-race event. Meaning that you race 2 or 3 tracks (or more) as part of the same event. It's possible to get a 1st and a 3rd, two 2nds, etc, and win the event, but not win every track. If you get to the end of the all the Tours, X-Games, etc, and it tells you that you are still missing a track win, then that's what probably has happened, but you will only have to double check one of those 17 tracks instead of the full circuit.

Easiest way I found to rectify (besides just paying freaking attention) is just go to the Free Race in each venue, pick one of the possible tracks, set it to easy, and have at it (for the lap races, drop it to a 1 lap race for even faster runs.) Badda-bing, achievement unlocked.

1. Marina Air **
2. Marina Sprint
3. Stadium Sprint **

4. Kane Creek **
5. Hurrah Pass **

6. Battersea Bridge **
7. Battersea Air **
8. Battersea Bridge B **

9. Mali Alan Pass
10. Hairpin Run **
11. Chapel Run **
12. Novigrad **

13. Shibuya **
14. Shibuya B **

15. Spillway Long
16. Spillway short **
17. Spillway **
18. Peninsula Run **
19. Ensenada **
20. Ensenada Sprint **

21. Kasbah Run
22. Ait Benhaddou **
23. Tamdaght **
24. Ounila Descent **
25. Ounila Valley
26. Kasbah Trail **
27. Hammada Circuit **
28. Hammada Sprint **

29. Ladang Long
30. Ladang Sprint
31. Ladang Mine Run
32. Rawang Trail **
33. Tanamera
34. Tanamera Falls

35. Li River
36. Li River Hillclimb
37. Li River Descent
38. Yu Yong
39. Yu Yong B
40. Yu Yong Sprint
41. Yu Yong Sprint B
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