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Achievement Questions
Q: My achievement is glitched! It is glitched! Help!?!
A: None of the achievements are glitched. I attained a full 1K on the game and had no problems what so ever. You are doing something wrong.

It seems some people can't get the Clue achievements. But that is probably because of switching levels, etc. Not sure if that counts as glitched.

Q: I cannot get Deja Vu Vidmaster Achievement. It wont unlock please help me!
A: You cannot even get in the tank or the warthog in this map. You can get in the both the mongoose and the ghost and fire and use it to splatter. You can also die as many times as you have to do beat it. Just double check and make sure your difficulty is on Legendary and you have 4 players and it is on Highway.

Kind of obvious, but you must have Iron on too =p. You said everything else that is obvious . . so yeah

Q: How can I check to see how many audiologs I have?
A: The only time you can check to see how many you have is when you pick one up. There will be a little achievement status square thingy that pops up and says 6/30 audio logs for example. There is no option in the menu or pause menu that will tell you. This makes this achievement a bit of a pain in the arse if you are not keeping track. Unfortunately you either have to go in numerical order like the map for the audio logs says to or you have to keep track yourself.

Actually you can keep track by pressing and then click . In COMM, it will tell you the Audio logs that you have. Such as Circle 1 Arc 1, Circle 3 Arc 2, etc. It wont say ??/30 but you can count them all.

There are 9 Circles and each Circle has 3 Arcs in them. EXCEPT Circle 9 which has 6 Arcs.

Q: Do I get the audio log #30 first?
A: No you do not. That is the 2nd to last mission.

I could only get this when I had 29 Audio logs.
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