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Nothing to do with achievements... but maybe save someone some frustration. You will notice numerous dumpsters in new mombasa with working hinged doors on top. DONT GET IN THE DUMPSTER!!!! I ducked inside one to do some poking around in my visr. After trying to jump out 30 or so times, i everted to my save, which was in the dumpster. After 5 or ten minutes of screaming, jumping, and tossing incindiary genades around inside a little dumpster, i finally made it out alive. To prove im not sutpid i have convinced 3 firends to climb inside these dumpsters of doom and everyone had trouble getting out.

Here are the two ways we came up with to get out of the dumpsters and save your campain:

jump enough to where you are standing and not being foced into a crouch, face the front of the dumpster, walk all the way back quickly to fling the door open, and jump forward out.

OR if you can rock the dumpster enough to tip it on its back, you can jump out with a little bashing to the door

didnt want to waste a whole thread with this
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