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Originally Posted by ZxT Vendetta View Post
Q: I have finished all the missions on the free roam map and cannot get out of the area I am in to get the rest of the audio logs.
A: Sorry to say but you have to play again to get all the logs. You must get 29 logs before finishing the last mission that is on the map because it will trigger a part where you have to go underground to get to the last missions.
OMFG..........NO WAY.........I've got about 17 of the audio logs already and I just finished off the banshee mission and currently have to get to the underground. I wasn't sure if I went to the underground that the Data Hive mission would start immediately and so I was thinking of getting the rest of the audio logs and then going to the underground. Why would Bungie do this........they never did it with the skulls in Halo 3 or the terminals for that matter (I think).

Anyway....I'm still gonna try to get them and hopefully you are wrong or it just isn't the case for me.

Nice thread BTW. =)

EDIT: I just wanted to add a few things, for the NMPD HQ mission to start, you have to "intercept" the bent sniper rifle on the power DO NOT need to jump on any truck to "intercept" it but simply look above to it to intercept and the small cutscene would show the Rookie using some kind of metal stick to get the sniper rifle off the power line.......unless there are different cutscenes on how you intercept the flashback object. ;]

Wait......Vendetta.....can I replay missions when I finished the campaign and not start a new campaign ?

I did the missions in this order:

1.) Tayari Plaza
2.) Uplift Reserve
3.) Kizingo Boulevard
4.) ONI Alpha Site (reference to "demon" in japanese and one of Bungie's previous games)
6.) Kikowani Station

I got the clue achievements without getting any sort of "glitches". =P

How to kill Hunters ??

- Stick them about 2 or 3 times with either a plasma grenade or a spike grenade.
- Use a Rocket Launcher (1 shot is enough and they will go down like flies).
- Shotgun in the back.
- Snipe their exposed backs from a distance using either a sniper rifle or beam rifle.
- On Tayari Plaza mission.....I killed one Hunter and then just ran only chases you for a bit.....before it ultimately gives up.....because its too slow. =P

O G Pukez, when you replayed the effectively erased your previous campaign progress and the game warns you about it when you do a "replay mission". The rest of your post kinda sounds weird though (especially the level 3 brings u back to level 2.....maybe because you didn't "re-do" the 2nd mission....not too sure what your trying to get at...ah well). ;]

I also wanted to say another thing, I just checked my ODST campaign history on and it says I have killed 8 engineers but I never got the counter for "naughty, naughty".....which is weird but hopefully I will get the Good Samaritan achievement when I start Data Hive.

LOLZ...I wanna jump into a dumpster in ODST. =P

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