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Originally Posted by Kamakazi Pear View Post
Okay guys, I loaded up Mombasa Streets (completed the game already) got the 29 audio logs. Then I try to load up Data Hive and it says my Co-Op campaign data will be erased. I collected the audios in Co-Op, so if I load data hive and click ok, will I still have my 29 audio logs and be able to collect the 30th, or not? Or do I need to play through the rest of the game again on this current save.
That is the unfortunate thing about co-op.....IT WILL ERASE those 29 logs you have already collected and the only way to get all the data logs in co-op is to play the whole campaign in one sitting because you can't save and quit.

I still need to collect the logs as well, I collected 17 in my first run of the campaign but I think I have to re-collect all of them I was thinking if I just load up NMPD the mission and get to the fully unlocked Mombasa Streets.....get all 29 logs then go to mission replay and do data hive. (ALL IN SOLO)

RDS Mike, this game is not messed....its just you haven't done one more mission and that is "Kikowani Station", there should be one more beacon on ur map (press select) or simply press "up" on the d-pad and it will direct you to where you have to go. Once you've done that mission you will have a little surprise that will lead you to data hive. =)

hopesfall2win, you can't get any of the audio logs in the actual flashback missions but only as the rookie in the mombasa streets. But since you've entered the final will only come back to a restricted mombasa streets and you won't be able to get most of the other audio logs unfortunately (same thing happened to me). So ur only choice is pretty much doing a replay mission of NMPD HQ (AFTER ur first run in campaign) and then getting full unrestricted access to the whole of Mombasa Streets to collect all of the audio logs and then do a replay on data hive to get the last audio log.

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