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Originally Posted by rahul_hbo View Post
Hey guys, me and my friend are playing co-op on Legendary. Just finished ONI Alpha Site.

We have collected some 6 audio logs till now. Can somebody please tell me when and what is the ideal time to start collecting all the audio logs.

(or is it too late? )
Right after you finished NMPD HQ (you must have done Tayari Plaza, Uplift Reserve, Kizingo Boulevard and ONI Alpha Site) because you will have full unrestricted access to the Mombasa Streets....if u start Kikowani Station (the last FB mission) the Mombasa Streets become restricted and won't allow you to collect all of the audio logs. It will be slightly difficult since your doing it in legendary but its no real biggie...Hunters are piss easy to kill in my opinion. =P

Carmona, actually whenever you get the log it will always go from the previous log story.....the reason being is that you don't miss parts of Sadie's story (it would be GAY if it was the case). What you can do is use the audio log interactive map, there's a thread that contains a link to it....use it to see which ones you got and eventually you will find the one your missing. Then just enter data hive and the cop will show you were to get the last audio log. =P

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