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Originally Posted by RDS MIKE View Post
data hive wont unlock for me

this game is messed ive completed tayari plaza, uplift reserve, kizingo boulevard, oni alpha site and nmpd headquarters but nothing is happening when i get back to NM

anyone got any idea what the @#$% is going on

I had the exact same problem when you're in Mombasa Streets go into VISR & choose Intel. You'll see a list of all the beacons some will have ticks & some won't. The one/s without ticks will give you the beacon location/s on the map, unfortunately the game hasn't acknowledged that you've obtained these ones so you'll have to redo these missions. I had to redo 3 missions in order to get the beacon location for Data Hive. I don't know if there was an easier fix to the problem lol but that's what I did.
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