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Originally Posted by BozZ2k8 View Post
the way i did it was:

Player Match
Map: Sandstorm
Max Players: 2
Min Player: 0
Private Slots: 2
Bots: On
Difficulty: Godlike
Cap Limit: 10
Time Limit: 10
Force Respawn: Yes
Mutators: No Super Pickups, Speed Freak, Handicap, Friendly Fire, Big Head

on the 1st match that stupid bot will not do anything, but afterwards it'll make 4-5 Caps everytime almost. 10 hours later i got achiev^^.
Why is everyone saying do it to 10 captures??? I did it to 3 captures and it unlocked.

Player Match
Splitscreen: Yes
Godlike bots 1:2 ratio
Autorespawn Yes
Map: Necropolis

EVERYTIME, I mean EVERY time the 4 godlike bots end up getting 3 captures in roughly 4 minutes

so... why are people going for 10 captures in 10 minutes??
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