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Originally Posted by Lyrikz74 View Post
Im hoping you guys can help. This isnt about achievements. I finished Kikiwani station and was looking around for the next level which i assumed was Data hive. ONLY thing blinking on my map was Tayari plaza.

I drove all the way over to tayari and grabbed the recon helmet again and am now on that level. Did i do something wrong there??? Where do you go after Kikiwani station???

Thanks guys.

gamer tag is Pestilance H01 if anyone wants to play.
After you've done all the flashback missions (Kikowani Station would be the last one if you went for them in the order the game gives them to you), another beacon should show up on your compass, and the VISR map should show that you've been sealed into that district. There's a door you have to go to that leads you into the underground, past a small group of Jetpack Brutes.
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