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Originally Posted by bs000 View Post
Your main goal online is to win. If you're constantly changing cars, instead of using the ones that you are the best/most comfortable with, it's just going to make it harder for you. It's harder to keep track online as well. You'll have to check which ones you haven't driven in your stats between races. And the discipline/car class is pretty random online, so you won't always be able to pick a car you haven't driven yet.

And what would you be saving your cash for? The only thing to buy is cars, plus the required upgrades for some events. And like I said, you have more than enough money to do this. I have 4 mil leftover with all cars purchased after completing all 100 events doing a mix of easy, casual, and serious difficulty.

The reward cars aren't necessarily the best. I had no problems winning any races with any car I used. Especially when the difficulty was set low. I only found 2-3 of them useful. And even then I wouldn't have said that they were extremely beneficial for me.
No need to check stats, the last car you drove is always the one that's highlighted, just start on the right hand side of the cars and work your way left choosing a new car. No point wasting time in dirt tour dealing with buying cars and having to race them when you can do it at the same time as lvling up online.

The reward cars are the best. Dallenbach, mcrae 95 subaru, toyota stadium truck, pajero raid truck and the rallycross RS200. You'll absolutely blitz the entire remainder of the dirt tour with these cars very quickly.
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