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Originally Posted by DemogorgonXX View Post
ok I got 15 audio logs so far. and I am currently going through the city and following the audio log guide. I keep coming across the locatios where the audio logs are suppose to be but the terminal or whatever wont activate. And i know I haven't gotten these. why are they not showing up?
You have to beat certain missions for certain audio logs to be accessed. The easiest thing to do is do every mission before Kikowani Station and collect the logs BEFORE that one.

Originally Posted by CountryMud View Post
I think we need someone to confirm whether or not you CAN get all 29 primary audio logs AFTER completing Kikowani Station, before going to the Hive.
You can't get it right after Kikowani station, you're locked in that are and have to progress and finish the game. You need to have all 29 before that mission, I know i made that mistake.

Originally Posted by I DELTAxVENOM I View Post
"Finish any level solo on Legendary, on LIVE, with no shots fired or grenades thrown"
what does it mean by on LIVE, iv gone through uplift reserve twice without firing or nading and it wont unlock.
do you have to be logged onto live to ulock it or something cause im not?
Yes, you must connected to xbox LIVE and fire no shots, even honking the horn on the warthog negates this achievement.

Originally Posted by rad fad View Post
I have a question. Does firefight eventually end after a certain number of sets/rounds? Or does it just keep going on forever as long as you can last?
It keeps going and going, according to bungie anyways. It gets progressively harder, so it'll get to a point where every enemy is of legendary difficulty on every wave.
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