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My girlfriend and I just beat the campaign on normal but we didn't get the campaign complete: normal achievement. We played the entire campaign splitscreen and every time we would select resume campaign. Neither of us ever played the game alone so I don't see what we did wrong. Also, we get super sleuth and a the achievements for the last two levels, but we both didn't get Uplift Reserve or Kikowani Station.

TLDR - I beat the game splitscreen on normal and Campaign Complete: Normal, Uplift Reserve and Kikowani Station did not unlock. Please advise.

EDIT - In the mission select menu, it shows all missions completed in co-op on normal, except Uplift Reserve and Kikowani Station. I think I remember us saving and quitting halfway through those missions. I bet if we replayed them, the achievements would unlock. I'll get back to you guys on that.

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