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You might even win some...

...since you are matched with players of close/similar XP level, so you should "randomly" even win some events. You will not meet the most hardcore drivers often when you tumble about on levels 1-15. Granted, XP-level is not the same as skill level, but still...

Originally Posted by DefEdge View Post
If you aren't good enough to do well in this game online, do you still get xp for your online levels when you lose?

I ask this because there are some truly hardcore people out there, and if you get nothing for being last place (think Forza 2's online credits, dead last is dead nothing, and if you can't win, you won't get anywhere forever) then that adds a LOT of stress to the game.
BTW Is disappoints me that absolutely none of the achievements are tied to winning on Insane difficulty ... every one is about how much time you've spent, basically.
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