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Chapter 1, Checkpoint #5 (The Escape)

Mutagen- Samurai 1

Samuria 1 check this one.jpg

You will be following the Doctor and Anna, once you get off the lift he will start yelling for help. A Goliath and some other enemies will start fighting you. Kill them and then pry open the door in front of you. Now once inside this door turn left and you should see it in the next room.

Chapter 2: The Frozen Tundra

Chapter 2, Checkpoint #1 (Team X)

Mutagen- Unstoppable 1

Unstoppable 1.jpg

After beating the Leviathan and entering into the temple you will fall through the floor. Grab the statue and pull it out enough for you to jump onto it. Double jump to get back to the floor you were on before falling and it will be right in front of you.

Wolverine Action Figure- Legendary Suit 2/2

Legendary 2.jpg

When you are about to leave the temple you will go up a flight of stairs. At the top of these stairs you will see about 3 machete guys waiting for you. You will notice a path to your right. Go here and turn left to find the action figure. It is before you start climbing the tower.

Chapter 2, Checkpoint #2 (I'm the Best There Is)

Mutagen- Shredder 1

Shredder 1.jpg

After the cut scene where you take the ear piece from the dying soldier and use it. Turn around and you will see it on a rock in the water as soon as you gain control.

Mutagen- Art of War 1

Art of War 1.jpg

As you progress through the level you will come to a part where you have to grab a ledge and shimmy across. It is to the right of where you grab the ledge. You can't miss it, being that you have to go this way to continue through the game.
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