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Hey i was just following this guide and strolling around Uhra when i discovered a dream not listed on the first thread.

Please note i'm unsure if this came out in a download or if it was just accidently missed off the list.

**Spoiler alert**

I am on Disc 4 revisiting Uhra after the Gohtzans attack and the tanks come through the ground ect. If you walk to the bridge where you find the Missing person poster for the mini quest (location: Outside of the Front Gate) there will be two men jus before the bridge looking into a hole. If you walk up to them they talk about how one of their cousins was seriously injured by the Gohtzan attack and a dream will trigger. The dream is called The Old Solder's Will.

Has anyone else found it? I mean it isn't listed but im not sure if it's required for the Big Dreamer achivement or not.
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