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Chapter 3, Checkpoint #6 (Wideawake’s Secret)

Mutagen- Healing Factor 3

Healing Factor 3.jpg

After you see the big Sentinel, you will have to use a teleporter like you did in the Cryo room. Do the same thing as in there. Make the teleporter go through the wall. Make it go all the way to the left and you will see the mutagen in this secret area. Go through the teleporter and pick this up as well as an achievement.

**This will be the only achievement you will get for having mutagens. So if you want to continue getting them, then you are doing it to make the game play easier and not for another achievement. Although having level 3 Experienced and Samurai do make a few other achievements come faster..

Chapter 3, Checkpoint #7 (Headache)

Mutagen- Vitality 3

Vitality 3.jpg

You will go down an elevator and see the torso of a Sentinel. There will be large sliding platforms that you have to jump on to in order to progress. There will be a ladder after your second jump. It will be the first ladder you see. You can't miss it, because you have to go this way. Climb up the ladder and you will see the mutagen to your right.

Chapter 3, Checkpoint #8 (Finding Agent Zero)

Mutagen- Experienced 3

Experienced 3.jpg

You will have to shimmy across a ledge and jump across a waterfall. The mutagen is in the walkway right above the waterfall. Once you pull yourself up go right towards the waterfall and into the wide door way and you will see it.

Chapter 3, Checkpoint #9 (Aim for the Head)

Mutagen- Inner Rage 3

Inner Rage 3.jpg

You will see the Sentinel's hand go down an elevator. Once you are in control again turn to your right and go all the way to the large locked door. It is in front of this door.

Mutagen- Rampage 3

Rampage 3.jpg

Once you get off the lift, turn left. Walk this way until you get to the Lift Controls, which need a power cell. From here go right. You will see a ladder, turn left and continue down the walkway and you should see another ladder to your far right. Go towards the second ladder and the mutagen will be to your left.
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