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For the people who are dieing once Ninja Vision runs out, are you sure you are holding RT to sprint all the way and not just running normally? Because that's the only thing I can think of why you're dieing halfway along.

About the main topic, yep definitely an odd glitch, don't have any suggestions im afraid. It's true once you get to the end at the window a QTE should appear before you even get to it, then you just jump through the window.

On another topic, I had an odd glitch earlier today just before 2nd fight with Pox Giant. You know the room where all the fire is, and a lot of low level carriers, well I took out ALL fires before I killed the carriers, once they were dead, that was it... nothing happened, no QTE for Pox to appear. Tried it again, same thing happened. So when I tried it again I decided to leave the fires burning, once all the carriers died the QTE appeared and so did Pox. So it seems for this glitch you mustn't put out the fires, I guess because he needs them or something.
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