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This should now be a complete guide to catching all Legendary Fish in The Strike.
Guide created by iVIRUS - Collaborators are given credit accordingly.

Table Rock Lake - Kentucky Spotted Bass
"Tucky Blue" (Thanks Knight of Khonshu)
Location: When you start you should be at a marina. From there, do a 180 turn and head directly behind you and to all the way down the river to the end. You should see a buoy on the left and one on the right. The fish is on the right side buoy. I threw my line just pass the buoy.
Lure: I used a Soft Plastic, Drop Shot Worm. Good Luck!
Image of Location (Thanks to King Rason for image)

TOHO LAKE: Largemouth Bass "The Mouth"
(Submitted by iVIRUS)
Location: Drive to the south end of the lake. The large cove at the south end of the lake comes to a point on the east side of the lake. In the area where the cove come to a point on the east side of the lake, there are 2 buoys placed right next to each other. (They would be the farthest 2 buoys to the east) As you pull into the spot, cast your line to the left buoy. Caught 4-5 10lb+ fish, then "The Mouth" finally bit. This legendary fish is a largemouth bass weighing 22lbs. and has scars all down his sides.
Lure: I believe I was using - Squirmin' Worm 6" - Pumpkin/Chartreuse
Image of Location (Thanks to King Rason for image)

LAKE PICKWICK: Smallmouth Bass "The Captain" (Thanks to Shimmerz)
The Captain in Lake Pickwick. This is difficult to describe so bear with me. From the dock in quick fish you want to go north west. Along the northern edge there are many coves with buoys (6 to be exact). The first cove on the left has 3 buoys. The cove you want is the third one from the left that has two buoys. The first buoy in that cove is off to the right if you were to steer in it; that is the one you want, not the one in the back. There are lots of smallmouth bass in the cove so it took awhile for the captain to be the one to bite.
Lure: I used a soft plastic skirty double tail grub - smoke pepper. He is a beautiful fish and has a golden hue to him.
Image of Location (Thanks to King Rason for image)

LAKE FORK: White Crappie "Casper" (Thanks to Nesher Lavan)
Location: When you start in quick fish mode, go all the way south and then back north again on the west side of the lake. Go to the inlet extends further north and go almost all the way back. From the northernmost buoy he is at the third one south on the east side (almost directly west of the Bass Pro Shop where you start).
Lure: I used a magnum flipping tube-pearl/silver flake. (Thanks to Nesher Lavan)

LAKE ONEIDA: Muskie "Goliath"
Image of Location
White circle for Muskie (Thanks to Burner6999)
Lure: I used the gold shiner swim bait. (Thanks to Burner6999)

LAKE ONEIDA: Nothern Pike "Striker"
Image of Location Purple Circle for Northern Pike (Thanks to Burner6999)
Lure: I used the albino shad dropshot. (Thanks to Burner6999)

LAKE OUACHITA: Striped Bass "The Monster"
(Thanks to Burner6999)
Ok the striped bass is at the buoy as far north west as you can go. It is in the exploration spot. I do remember what I used to catch it but it is there. It has like brown fins and tail.
Lure: Swim Bait - Gold Shiner or Bleeding Minnow (Nesher Lavan)
Image of Location (Thanks to King Rason for image)

Image of Location (Thanks to Burner6999)
Lure: I used the albino shad dropshot. (Thanks to Burner6999)

LAKE GUNTERSVILLE: Black Crappie "Hubs" (Thanks to Shimmerz)
Location: Hubs the black crappie to the list. When you spawn in quick fish (Guntersville) just go straight ahead into the finger like cove that has 4 buoys near the end. The second to last buoy is on a small penninsula.
Lure: I caught Hubs there using a tube bait after a few casts.
Image of Location (Thanks to King Rason for image)

LAKE CHAMPLAIN: Walleye "Wallie"
Image of Location
(Thanks to Burner6999)
Lure: Chrome Spoon (Thanks to Shimmerz)

Please advise any mistakes or corrections.
10 out of 10 found. According to reports achievement will unlock after 9 fish...

Thanks for everyone working on this to find all of the Legendary Fish!
Also, HUGE thanks to x360a community for all of the other achievements you have guided me through!!!

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