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Originally Posted by Emfulz View Post
First let me just say that the online CTF achievement is the most complicated one because you have to be MVP and no one really likes CTF, it's all about Skirmish mostly in this game.

I will be trying to gather people for an upcoming night so we all can get together and get all the online achievements.

Send me a message if interested because next Sunday, October 11, 2009 at 3PM Central Time Zone. If you do not know what time it is then please use this Website.

Hopefully within a weeks time enough people look at this and give me a heads up.
If you are not a patient person then this is not for you, as you have to wait for everyone to finish there turn.
If there is any way to do this earlier on that day I would for sure be down. Or, Saturday.

And until then I'll be off and on at random times, if you, or anyone else is interested in getting some of them out of the way.

Send me a request on live with madballs in a text or voice if interested.

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