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I've never played a match online before, and I might try to get a 50 by boosting against a guy that once had a 50 (and got G.O.A.T.), but is now around a 43. He's down because he already helped someone else boost off his 50.

My question is whether I'm doing a lot of harm by boosting against him. Say for instance it only takes me 5-10 games to get a 45 or something like that off his 43. Will it harm me to continue to beat him, maybe another 20-30 games? I would keep playing to see if I continue to rank up. I imagine I might reach a deadlock where he gets too low and I get stuck, say around 46-47 or something. If I pound another 50 games out just to see if I move up, is that gonna cause problems if I ever get the chance to boost off of a current level-50? In other words will winning too much against this guy cement me into a 47, making it more difficult than usual (from scratch) traveling up from 47 -> 50?
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