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All achievements are obtainable; however the tracking system in the game is a bit glitch and doesnít track everything every time. If you restart a challenge a lot the mines you collect do not count. Even when you complete a challenge they do not count either. For this achievement it will be easiest to follow the achievement guide and follow the two controller approach to getting enough mines. Also, achievements related to completion or collection will pop up at the scoreboard or at the mission select screen very inconsistent. The achievements that are kill related will pop when the kill happens.
The online achievements will not register at all if you have more than one account signed in playing online. Although the game supports you taking a guest with you for online battle it appears if the achievements are disabled in this form of multiplayer. Total wins, if you are doing this achievement with a second controller it will only track properly in local play, and sometimes wins donít register so make sure you donít spam past the win screen.
What causes the tracker to miss information Iím not sure of. But I can report what I have noticed and the precautions I took to correct the glitches hope this helps other sailers!
This is a fun little arcade game that does require a good bit of skill in order to even complete the challenges portion of the game. Iím going to lay out just a few bullet points that will be useful on all levels. There are 3 major areas Iím going to outline briefly to help understand the strategy used for gold medals in the levels below: Driving, Attacking, and Stuff in the Water. As for achievements, if you can get 15 Gold Stars, youíve already gotten the other 10 offline achievements.
Boat Driving Tactics: At the start of each match, during the countdown, if you mash the A button you will get a boast or ďfastĒ start just like Mario Kart. Getting a gold star on a level is very dependent on getting a good start; Iíll be setting goals by certain times. My suggestion is practicing the opening on the level till you reach the goal before moving on. If you donít have a hot start it is very difficult to recover in this game. Never drive the sides of your boat near the sides of another ship unless you are 100% sure their cannons arenít armed, which is never! Always approach the front or rear for an attack. Also you can head on collide without taking a lot of damage most times then just turn your cannons toward the opponent for easy kills. Finally driving point, avoid getting caught in traffic. Getting caught in a jam always results in taking damage; unless you are skilled at quickly taking down ships in a jam avoiding getting in the middle of the clustering ships will help keep your scores straight. Even though there are obviously stupid AI and smarter AI they are all chase after you the same way, learn the pattern the AI pursues and how to kill something chasing you and getting kills will happen faster each attempt.
Attacking: This is the most challenging aspect of the game if you can get down the science of always getting the kill when you need it you are well on your way to having a few gold stars. When firing the cannons I found it best to alternate firing. This way you get to fire about every two seconds opposed to every four. Alternating also prevents you from being a sitting duck against an opponent or just missing that quick kill before the AI runs into the island. The bumpers serve two useful purposes for training in this game. The Color of the arrow tells you if that cannon is ready. Green means Ready to go: and Red means reloading. After you fire either cannon it takes roughly 3 seconds to be ready to fire again. The second purpose of the bumper is to help you aim. Learning to aim well and how to deliver effective attacks will be the one aspect of the game that focusing on will improve your performance over all. I found in trying different styles and the controller layouts that aiming is easiest with the game defaults. Holding down both bumpers was nice when learning how to time out the reloads, however found it confusing to learn which cannon was which side. I found that holding down only the right bumper to be the best to hold down all the time that way if a boat approached the side of the boat without the arrow it meant to pull the left trigger since the boats can get small and spun around at points there is a learning curve as to which cannon to fire at times.
Stuff in the Water: Power-ups and Mines. Power-ups are pretty straight forward. They each serve their different purposes. Look in the help if you want to see a listing of what they are. Two notes on power ups: 1. The AI typically are good with the power ups, so be aware of what the computer and/or your teammate may have. 2. Make sure when you get a health pack and you are below half health to just use it survival is extremely important to reaching a lot of the gold star goals. Mines are the secret ingredient to the your damage and kills in this game. Picking them up always scores points, its less objects on the screen you have to avoid when they are your color, and if you control ĺ of the mines on the board the opponents will always be 3 cannon balls away from death in almost every scenario.
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