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With all these little piece of advice in mind lets dive into the 15 challenges with a few bullet points on each one to getting a gold star, if I ever get setup to capture game play on my computer Id put up video walkthroughs.
Challenge 1 You, Cannon Do It: Gold Star 125 pts.
Fast start. Early on focus on getting mines, if the other ship approaches your cannons try and put damage on him otherwise the mines are the most important thing to focus on. Once you have the major of the mines in your favor start trying to push the other ship into the upper right corner to set up a grave camp. Doing figure eights allows you to circle an opponent and alternate the guns increasing damage are a kill or two back to mines, on all the levels where you score with mines always keep on top of that collection because its free damage. With about 1:00 in the run you should have at least achieved 90-95 points. If you are not around this number getting to 125 is getting out of the question. When setting these goals I aimed for most to be reached roughly: 10-15 seconds before the clock runs out.
Challenge 2 Sunset Showdown: Gold Star 2:20
4 ship free for all. Fast start at the beginning and swing out around to the green ship on the right side. All three opponents will fire all of their cannons within the first second or two in almost all of my starts. This will avoid taking damage early. The real trick to this level is trying to keep the number of lives even on all the opponents, since its a free for all they damage each other quite a bit and each ship that gets taken out is more work that you have to do eating up the clock. If you time up the kills right you can be firing your second shot to kill a ship right as the next ship shows up to take its first shot. If you die more than 3 times on an attempt odds are against you meeting the goal in time.
Challenge 3 Mine o Mine: Gold Star :50
100% Focus on collecting mines, firing the cannons is only necessary if the other ship is hurt and blocking your road. You can fast start this one if you want or slow start. My best scores I have used slow start but have more consistent results using a fast start. Once you are in a match slow controlled driving and staying focused should get a gold star. If you want to make it easy on yourself restart till you get a match that has a mine clear power up. Get to 25 seconds then use the power up and you have fresh mines across the board to rush to the finish with.
Challenge 4 9 Lives? But Im a Sea Dog! Gold Star 2:20
Shooting pro level. This is a level where using your bumpers will really help out. Get in a rythmn killing and the boats will start to come to you. If you get overwhelmed remember to head on collide it will serve as a short stun that will help you get a kill lined up. Keep your deaths to a minimum and this level is not too difficult.
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