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Challenge 5 – Rampage: Gold Star 2:15
Fast Start. Get those crates and line up kills quickly. AI will race to crates as they fall in the water so make sure you are first there and a ship to ram will not be too far behind. If a boat gets the power-up try and stay behind or away from it. Get a double kill or two and you will be well on your way. You have to get 5 kills (25pts) before the 1:00 remaining marker, that gives you time to get into a groove and get a kill every 12 seconds before time runs out.
Challenge 6 – Marathon Match: Gold Star 625 pts.
Honestly, every time I have played this challenge I have gotten a gold star. Probably the easiest challenge. However its 10:00 long, ugh. Best advice is to track your progress that means 250 points every 3 minutes. Staying alive gets points the fastest. Try positioning yourself close to the volcano lapping circles. This will get you mines as they are falling into the water which will boast all your scores throughout the match, you’ll notice that you’ll be taking larger paths or turning around more if a computer gets a cluster in the inside.
Challenge 7 – I Don’t Mine, Do You?: Gold Star 2:10
Focus on grabbing mines. To stay on pace you need to get 20 mines every 40 seconds. Only engage combat with the other ships if they are getting in your way or stealing large amounts of mines, but don’t distract yourself getting kills. Try and always be a lane behind the plane. Example: If the plane is flying downward then you need to be picking up the trail left up top going right. The plane will drop mines in clusters or in zigzags, try learning these drop patterns and you’ll find keeping on pace to be much easier.
Challenge 8 – Stormy Seas Ahoy!: Gold Star 2:00
Slow start. Only allowed 1 death make it count, 2 if you are already ahead of pace. Best advice on this level is to stick to the middle after you have a few kills under your belt and it doesn’t feel over whelming. The AI will sail directly towards you this way then it becomes simply lining up shots and knocking them down. Get a good rhythm to your kills on this challenge and the gold is yours.
Challenge 9– 3 Way Action: Gold Star 170 pts.
2 vs. 1. Sail around the middle tower collecting fresh mines which will result in several easy kills. Wait to attack until the AI ships are injured which insures that your shots will be kills. Keep your deaths to a minimum and the points will be flooding in, in no time. As always set your goal to achieve a gold star about 5-7 seconds before the clock runs out that way if you run in to a jam you don’t fall 2 points shy before the clock runs out, and then your stuck on the loading screen again, and then the game freezes updating leaderboards, then kicks you to dashboard, then pops up an error message, sigh… my save for this game glitched for a day and that’s what happened. Not very fun, yes this game is just glitchy at times so its just smart to pad numbers a little bit.
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