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Challenge 10 – All By Myself: Gold Star 3:00
This level you cannot afford to die, survival is utterly important. Stay near the inner circle of the island and collect as many mines as possible. If you collect plenty of mines the rest will unfold itself into an easy scenario. If you can survive long enough to a high score in the first minute you’ll see this is a fairly easy gold star.
Challenge 11 – Booty Pincher: Gold Star 2:00
This is a crowd control exercise. You need to get the deaths of the ships alternating with your kills. You can only score from picking up treasure. You need to pick up 15 chests in two minutes which if you kill properly that’s 5 kills 6 if you aren’t lucky. Try and fight towards one of the opponents spawning zone. If you alternate properly and position in a corner the other ship will spawn far enough away you are always fighting in a 1v1 scenario making picking up the triangle of chests up much easier. Just remember when a ship spawns it is invulnerable until it stops sparkling which is about 3 seconds. Don’t get caught trying to fight a ship that can’t take damage your weapons are your life saver.
Challenge 12 – Monkey See, Monkey Do: Gold Star 2:45
Fast start. Snatch up as many mines close to the volcano as you can. As far as damaging the other ships and score. Collect mines and kill as ships get in your way and clean up their remains. Your partner is rather reliable here. If the partner gets a chance at getting a power up let them have it and they will put it to good use. Although the partner doesn’t collect many mines it will grab treasure well. I suggest trying to get 100 pts withen the first minute. If you can keep this pace getting 250 in the time limit will come easily if you stay focused on controlling mines on the board the kills will come as well and only 3 more gold stars to go.
Challenge 13 – Shark Infested Waters: Gold Star 2:15
Four player free for all. Slow start. Once again stay close to the island. You need to be the one getting the crates, you should be able to kill ships as they come to get crates and sail towards you if you time it all up right. You should be able to get 5 kills or 25 points by 1:00 into the match. This will leave you 1:15 to get the remaining 5 kills. 2 deaths is about the most respawn time you can afford even if you’ve already gotten a monster kill.
Challenge 14 – Mellow Yellow: Gold Star 2:30
This is the most difficult challenge in the game. If you can beat it my honest opinion is that you will get gold or very close to gold. There are four crates on this level each located on a point of the compass. Fast start. Boost towards the left crate and grab it then escape up through the north top of the mine cluster and you can sail out without taking damage or out of bounds.
As a note to this part, if you play your cards right you can get a “perfect start.” If the two ships on the right get the boost they will chase you out of bounds, once you reset your timer you can bump them to get a free quick kill from the kraken getting you closer to gold. If it works out right you can even get all three boats from the start with the kraken for a quick triple kill in 15 seconds.
Back to the level… You have to get 12 kills in one life. The bottom left ship, the smaller ship will have 5 lives focus on him the most. The bottom right ship will have 4 he is second priority. And the final ship with 3 lives is lowest of your concerns. Shooting a quick 3 shots into the front of the volcano can get a free kill or two, but don’t focus on keeping it active its just a perk. About half way through the timer the mines will float inwards, be aware of them and don’t take damage. Unnecessary damage will ultimately lead to a restart. If your health gets to half make sure you heal. Grabbing the health crates without taking damage takes practice, especially the bottom crate because it always seems to be off camera. Gold on this level and only the final level to go.
Challenge 15 – The Duck Hunt: Gold Star 140 pts.
All kills are one shot. Fast start, focus on collecting mines but also make sure you shoot to kill if an AI is near or they will take you down instead. If you get off to a slow start restart. If you get behind on picking up mines you are ultimately dooming yourself. Getting power ups are useful but don’t let them get in the way of killing. Everything is one shot, focus on doing damage sail for mines and avoid getting shot. Make sure you pick up the treasure from your kills. The big trick to this level is trying to outscore the other three ships. If you are able to outscore them then you already are on the pace to getting 140 points. Don’t get tied up and stay moving on this match, also be aware of which boat has what power up so you aren’t getting bombarded by missiles and rams.
Complete this challenge and the achievement is yours. Good luck all ye scurvy sea dogs! See you on the leader boards.
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