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Florence Nightingale Award - 20
Apply the field dressing to another wounded soldier 20 times

When one of your team mates is wounded, and requires your help hold down and change to the field dressing, and hold down the to heal them. You must heal and save 20 soldiers for this achievement.

If you don't feel like waiting for this achievement to unlock use the following method:
  • Load up the first mission
  • Shoot soldier 1, then use the field bandage on him
  • Request the medic to heal him.
  • Shoot soldier 2 and repeat the second step again.
Keep doing this until you have earned the achievement.

All Patched Up - 20
Apply a field dressing to an injured friend in co-op

Join in on a co-op game either with friends or in a random game. As soon as a teammate needs assistance hold down and change to your field dressing, and apply the dressing to you're wounded teammate by holding down the . This doesn't work on AI, and you also will not be able to do this if you are playing as a Medic.

Unbloodied Hands - 20
Complete a mission without directly killing anyone yourself.

You may want to learn the controls, and get used to the way the game plays first. You can earn this achievement while playing through the first mission . Hold down the :rb: to order your team mates to suppress, and have them assault the enemies. Work your way up to the helicopter extraction point, and once you extract from the level the achievement will unlock.

You can use artillery strikes with jeopardizing this achievement. You can also shoot at soldiers as long as you don't kill them. If you make a mistake and kill someone, just die, and restart from the previous checkpoint. This will allow you to carry on and earn the achievement.

Company Killer - 50
Kill or incapacitate 100 enemies

This will come with natural progression through the game. As you make your way through the missions you should be able to kill plenty of soldiers. By the time you finish the first set of missions you should be well on your way to "Squad Slayer." You can keep replaying missions or you can play with a Co-Op player for this achievement.

Platoon Pounder - 30
Kill or incapacitate 50 enemies

See "Company Killer"

Squad Slayer - 20
Kill or incapacitate 25 enemies

See "Company Killer"

The Sky is Falling - 20
Kill an enemy with a helicopter without using its weapons

Once you get the chance to fly a helicopter, find a group of enemies and land the chopper directly on top of them. It's easier than it sounds, but it may be easier in multi-player as you can coordinate with others and get this faster than in single play.

If you have a boosting partner, setup a match with them, and once you're both in the match order your troops to move away from your boosting partner. Find a helicopter in any map, and jump in. Tap the to start the engine and have your partner run into the rotating propeller. This is the easiest way to earn this achievement unless you want to try crashing the chopper into a few people.

Clear Skies - 20
Kill an enemy vehicle with an AA weapon

This is part of the forth mission. You will be ordered to use SAM Launcher to take out the helicopter which is heading toward the airfield. When the helicopter is in range lock on to it and fire. This is quite straightforward and unmissible, and you will find the SAM Launcher in a crate on the first floor of the Control Tower to help you achieve this.

Scrap Metal - 20
Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT weapon

Head to the first SAM site on the training level, it's at the very top of the map located at the lighthouse. Just before you assault the enemies below, climb up the large hill next to this area. On top you will find a broken turret/circular building, and inside you will find a few large ammo crates. Change your load out so that you have the Javelin in your possession.

Go to the left side of the hill where you will come to a cliff, hold the and look down towards the APC on the road near the base. This may be a little tricky to line up but once you are locked on the sight will change to 4 markers. Stay locked on for a minute or so until you have a blue marker/cross showing on the display. Press to fire and take out the APC.

Low Blow - 20
Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT mine

You will need to lay down an AT mine, and you can only do this as an Engineer though there are other ways around this. You can either do this online with Co-op players which is far more easier, rather than you trying to achieve this with the AI in the normal mission campaigns. Use the following video example and bonus mission

(StrongM577 - Coastal Stronghold).

Alternatively, setup a player match with a friend, and order all your troops to move to a location away from you boosting partner. Make sure your an engineer, and lay down an AT Mine and get your boosting partner to drive over it, and the achievement will unlock.

Hard Rain - 20
Call in your first artillery barrage

Just after you start the training mission you will soon be given the option to call in an Artillery strike on a village below. Press the to pull up the menu, and select the Artillery barrage. Aim where you want the Artillery Barrage to fire on, and prompt the commands, and after you fire down on the enemies this achievement will unlock.

Shock and Awe- 20
Call in your first air strike

While defending the airfield on mission 4 you will be given the ability to call in an Air-strike to take out the vehicles that are coming your way. Press and select air strike this is basically the same as "Hard Rain", but using an alternative strike.

Skirinka Island Tour - 30
Find the PLA helicopter and fly it around Skirinka Island in Dragon Rising

On the first mission you need to complete your primary objective, once you have done so a helicopter will land for extraction. Instead of leaving via the extraction you will need to destroy the two SAM sites located in the North and on the West beach. Once you have done so go down to the beach on the West coastline, and fly the helicopter around the island. As soon as you do this the mission will unlock.

Ghost Ops - 30
Eliminate the PLA Commander in Blinding The Dragon

On the second mission make your way through to the Sunburn and destroy it. Once you have completed this part of the mission you will see a small group of buildings off to the North East. Assault these buildings and kill all the soldiers. There is one soldier who is located in the main building/house he is the PLA Commander, and you have to kill him to attain this achievement.

It doesn't matter who kills him, it can be AI or a co-op teammate, but you will have to kill him to earn the achievement. After you kill him this achievement will unlock for everyone playing who has not earned it.

Get Creative - 30
Destroy the PLA APC at the top of the beach in United We Stand

This may take a few tries you will need to make your way past all the AT Teams, and past the broken tank in the road. You will need to go behind the house near the third AT Team, and use the Queen Bee to destroy the APC entering the map from the North. As long as you get there before your teammates, and other squad members on the map this shouldn't be to difficult. If your still not sure where to go, you will cross a road as you head up the hill too kill the Spotters.

The Queen Bee is located in a ammo crate behind the barn next to the AT Teams.

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