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First of all thanks you Younikorn for posting about the new album by The Almost, love them way more then Underoath and complete forgot they even had a new album coming out, the tracks I've heard so far are pretty solid.

Anyways I've really been digging Matthew Good's new album "Vancouver

This is hands down my favourite album of '09 thus far. It's got this weird vulnerability to it. You can really tell all the shit Matthew Good has gone through over these last few years (read up on it, typical life stuff, he pretty much hit rock bottom and now he's back better then ever) and it's almost endearing that he gives you a little bit of an indirect personal glimpse. The music itself is a fusion of rock with indie and some elements of acoustic/soft rock. 10 tracks with 55 minutes of music, can't remember the last time I bought an album that was almost an hour long. 10/10 without a doubt.

The entire album is on youtube so I suggest checking out the tracks

"Last Parade"
"The Boy Who Could Explode"
"Great Whales of The Sea" (this track is comprised of whale noises through out....amazing!)
"Fought to Fight it"
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