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Can you not see them? You have to be logged in to do so...If you cant see them even while logged in then tell me and I'll put them on photobucket and link them where they show up better.

At the end of chapter 2, where the sniper has a red beam on you, go up the stairs and to the left. Go all the way down there and you'll find the first action figure.

The second is in chapter 3 on the 5th check point where you are in they Cryo room. It's where you have to freeze yourself. You have to jump onto the track of the teleporter, where Experience 2 mutagen is at and then grab the ledge here. Make sure to have your Feral Senses on so it will be outlined in green. Grab that and shimmy to the right and there will be a platform with the second action figure on it.

Now just fight yourself, the way you did to get the other suits, in the bonus part of the menu and you'll get the suit after you win.
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