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Achievement Guide & Road Map

First of all, my apologies to the other achievement guide - no offense but it needs some work.

Because I appreciate a high quality guide (many can be found on this site) and I am saddened by a poor quality guide that is stickied (that's where I look for help first) instead of complaing I am doing something about it by submitting an updated Achievement Guide and Road Map to 1000 for this game.

Feedback is always welcome and again - no offense to the other guide.


Monsters vs. Aliens - Road Map to 1000

Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 4 / 10
Estimated Time for 1000 : 10 - 15 Hours
Offline Achievements: 45 (1000)
Online Achievements: None
Minimum Playthroughs: 1
Missable Achievements: None
Glitched Achievements: None
Cheats Disable Achievements: Yes

Monsters vs. Aliens is a game based on the Dreamworks movie. As with many movie tie ins (as well as kids games) the achievements are fairly easy and most should come through the normal campaign / story mode or the monster challenges. This game should present very little challenge to a moderate gamer let alone an experienced achievement hunter.

Step 1: Campaign / Story Mode

First and fore most start a new game and go into the story mode. There are four chapters each with a number of missions. You must complete all missions in each chapter to complete the chapter. The missions rotate between the three main playable characters: Ginormica, The Missing Link, and B.O.B. The main objective in the story mode is to complete the game without dieing more than 10 times. If it looks like you are going to die, ie: you health is really low or B.O.B. is about to fall through the floor you can pause the game and quit out to the main menu. If you actually do die hit the Xbox button and exit out to the dashboard. This method takes a lot longer but it is effective. I can’t say for sure if you can just quit to the main menu and try it again – the chapters and the game are too long to take that chance. Play safe and get the achievements.

Note: The B.O.B. missions gave me the most trouble. The camera angles are a little tough at times and he controls a little funny. I fell off more ledges than I care to count.

Step 2: DNA Structure - Overall

Throughout the story mode you will extend the DNA sequence (in the Special Features menu) after every mission you complete. The DNA sequence is where you will find the Character Upgrades (Green Nodes – 13 Total), Co-Op Upgrades (Light Blue Nodes – 10 Total), Concept Art (Yellow Nodes – 51 Total), Surprises (Purple Nodes – 45 Total), Mission Markers (Black Nodes – 27 Total), and Monster Challenges (Orange Nodes – 35 Total).

In order to unlock the individual nodes of the DNA sequence you must first unlock the node before it. To unlock the nodes (except Monster Challenges) you must purchase them with DNA particles. Your spent particles are still totaled for the DNA collection achievements so don’t be afraid to spend them. Personally I would suggest waiting until you have completed the game before you worry about most of the DNA sequence.

Step 3: DNA Structure – Monster Challenges

There are 35 Monster Challenges scattered through the DNA sequence. You earn medals by completing the challenges under the specified terms. Most of the challenges are fairly easy while others can be very frustrating. The trick to a gold medal for each of the challenges is repetition and memorization. Keep playing the challenges over and over until you get the gold then move on to the next. For gold you have to be perfect or near perfect so keep trying – they are all achievable.

Step 4: Clean Up

Once you have completed the game and the DNA sequence it is time to finish up anything you missed. More than likely it is going to be “Never Say Enough” and “Be My Guest”. Check the guide and you should be able to finish the game.

You should now have 1000 / 1000 so you can move on to the next game. Overall the game is not that bad. It does take a while to complete everything but it is not too complicated and should not cause the moderate gamer much trouble. The camera angles can be tricky, especially on the B.O.B. missions, and exiting to the dashboard does take some time but it is still easily doable. Good luck and enjoy this fairly simple game – don’t get too frustrated it is meant for kids so you are probably over thinking it.
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