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My Thumb Hurts 20

Get a score of 5,000,000.

Your total score is a combination of the highest score you have received in each of the missions you have completed. There are a total of 25 missions so an average of 200,00 per mission will unlock this achievement. As long as you destroy everything you can and kill as many of the enemies on each mission as possible you should have very little trouble reaching 5,000,000 points.

Be my Guest 50

Get a score of 10,000,000.

To earn a total of 10,000,000 points you will have to work a lot harder than you did for the 5,000,000 points. You get a number of different bonus scores at the end of each mission for doing certain things. If you have another Dreamworks game save on your hard drive you get an automatic 30,000 point bonus. Using a second controller (you don’t actually have to play with it – just make sure it is turned on and you press the A Button to join the game) and you will get another 40,000 point bonus. Getting a flawless (don’t get hit during the mission) you will double your total mission score.

The easiest way to get this achievement is to replay Chapter 3, Mission 19: Final Lap. About halfway through the mission you will have to face a Beam Bot that will be dropping lasers near land mines. Start up a second controller and only play with the second controller. Concentrate your fire on the middle light of the Beam Bot (your targeting icon should auto lock onto it). Keep pressing the Button to attack the Beam Bot. Ginormica will die (if you defeat the Beam Bot before she dies just don’t press her attack button and you will be sent back to the last checkpoint) but that is ok. If you press the Button fast enough you should be able to get approximately 35,000– 40,000 points and 3,000 DNA particles every 35 – 40 seconds. You should already know your total point score for the game so just play until you get the points you need to reach 10,000,000. I was 400,000 away so I played the same spot until I earned 400,000 points then I finished the mission (You MUST finish the mission for the score to be saved). After my multipliers and bonuses I finished the mission with nearly 10,000,000 points!

** Credit for this tip goes to CrustyDirtDemon and MysticWerido

Secret Achievements

Team Spirit 10

Complete Chapter 1 Without failing more than 10 times.

See “Remember The Heroes” Achievement

Team Victory 10

Complete Chapter 2 without failing more than 10 times.

See “Remember The Heroes” Achievement

Team Glory 25

Complete Chapter 3 without failing more than 10 times.

See “Remember The Heroes” Achievement

Team Supremacy 35

Complete Chapter 4 without failing more than 10 times.

See “Remember The Heroes” Achievement

Remember the Heroes 80

Complete the game without failing 10 times.

In order to unlock this achievement you can not die / fail more than 10 times throughout the entire game. Most of the missions will cause you little trouble but others; like some of Ginormica’s and most of B.O.B.’s will be more difficult. If you think you are going to die (you health is very low or B.O.B. is about to fall through the floor) you can pause the game and quit to the main menu then continue the game. If you do die hit the Xbox button and quit out to the dashboard. This takes long time if you die on a regular basis but it works. Pausing after the death and quitting to the main menu “may” work (I didn’t try my luck – especially with the length of the game) but I can’t confirm that on my own.

There are some points in the game where it is easier to accept the fail and continue at a checkpoint just make sure you keep track of how many fails you have so you don’t go over 10. Remember each of the “Team” achievement are for completing each chapter without failing more than times. The “Remember the Heroes” achievement is for completing the ENTIRE game without failing more than 10 times.

Defying Gravity 50

Jump 150 times with each monster.

This achievement is not nearly as hard as it may seem. To jump press the Button. You will unlock this achievement through the normal campaign play through because you will be required to jump more than 150 times for each monster.
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