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Sorry, but you finished it? Or did you finish the storyline? I agree with you that this game really sucks.. The final cut scene surprised me, 'cause i didn't follow it at all and suddenly i freefall from a plane stickin' an explosive to a guy. I remembered thinking, 'this can't be the last mission, it's too freaking easy!' But it was.. Conclusion: Storyline; entertaining but easy. Races; bunch off bullcrap. Liberations; 34 is quite a few, but most of them are easy. I am stuck on the last 4 or 5, which are all army bases or 'cities'. Liberations Rioja (Yellow ones); 45 are quite a few, but these are too easy when you use a helicopter with rocketlaunchers. Sidemissions; Pointless, useless, could be much better.. Please make Just Cause 2 a lot better then this one!

Maybe i'll try merc 2 out sometime soon, is it fun if your into sandbox games?
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