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Originally Posted by Seraphim Lloyd View Post
Is the uber upgrade the possesed car because thats what I ended up with before I got the achievement and thanks for the help I really appreciate it.
No, the five DeSoto upgrades are as follows;
Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

EDIT: Just to confirm the DESOTO DOMINATOR achievement if you go back to replay any of the mini-games:
Once you've got all decals for an Episode, SAVE it (either MANUALLY or via AUTO-SAVE) and QUIT to main-menu. (IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE IT HAS SAVED! If not, you will have to do the mini-game again! The upgrade WILL NOT appear on the DeSoto in later Episodes!)
When you're happy you have all 20 decals (or at least the 15 from Episodes 1, 2 & 3), play WHAT'S NEW BEELZEBUB? and select your last SAVE GAME.
- If you've already completed the Episode 5 mini-game, then talk to THE C.O.P.S. again and ask to play their game. Then press Y to quit the game and BACK to return to STRAIGHT STREET. You will then get the UBER UPGRADE and the achievement.
- If you've NOT completed Episode 5 mini-game, then play as described in the guide.

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