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Each character has a weakness to a certain move
Buchu is weak vs jumping kicks or jumping punches.. also the groin punch makes him say Ni hao :hello

Star- jump up then walk forward and kick.. very easy

Nunchu- jump and land near him and sweep.. jump away and repeat.. his weak vs the sweep

Pole- He can be tricky but U+P works good if you do it alot..

Feedle- F+kick works best

Chain- jump to him and duck and sweep... keep sweeping till hes out of range
easy perfect

Club- u+punch works best if you do it rapidly.. you can do the ub+p but i think up punch works

Fan- jump over her fans and forward kick or sweep kick when near her

Sword- He can be hell but a good way to beat him is jump straight up then sweep kick to catch his foot

Tonfun- jump on him and sweep x2 then jump away and repeat.. if you can make him turn around when you hit him you might get 2 hits

Blues - wait for him to attack then do the db+p groin smack
when you hit him jump away then wait
when hes down to 3 health bars do u+p and pray you beat him
hes tough with lower life
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