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The Power of 100 Made Easy

Foreword: this achievement is NOT cumulative, despite the misleading description. You must get 100 chain kills in rapid succession. My directions assume you're already familiar with how to chain kill.

The number one problem people have with this achievement is the timing -- with good reason, as it's extremely easy to choke. However, for this, there's a simple solution: pause. While in chain kill mode, every time a grunt charges you and you hear the sword clash, press start, and the QTE prompt will freeze as the menu fades on to the screen, allowing you to see it for about 2 seconds with no consequence. Note the button shown, and then, as you unpause, mash said button. You will, guaranteed, nail it every time.

As for where to get it, it's easily obtainable during the bad Ouka ending sequence, when the base is surrounded by Fujimori's troops (it's hard not to get this ending on your first Ouka storyline run -- go up to the banquet after getting the cutscene about Nobunaga). Whatever option you pick, go outside and start killing troops until the second wave of soldiers burst through the gate -- this is an uninterrupted infinite spawn. Now, get a resonable amount of space, and start chain killing. You should have it within 10-15 minutes, easy.

Hopefully this helps some of you out there. Also note that I have no idea whether the game being installed or not will affect this -- it shouldn't, but if it's not working, try uninstalling and running from the disc.

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