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Veteran Difficulty Achievements

Rock Solid 20
Keep the enemy away from the civilians in mission Alliances. Veteran difficulty required.

This is the last part of the Mission where the Brazilians are getting the prisoners out of the prison camps and putting them in big trucks. I would but your Infiltrator squad by the 50. cal turret on the other left side of the trucks when looking on it, and put your attacking squad at the gate where you entered, and put them behind some cover. Now During this battle I would suggest being in RTS mode so you can tell your squads to fire on the enemy and when the Brazilians are done putting everyone in the trucks you need to kill 2 RPG enemies outside the main gates just eliminate them and their vehicles and the Mission will be over. Also remember to save every minute in case one of your squads dies.

Expert Charger 10
Get through the ruins in Shattered Hopes before the militia catches up. Veteran difficulty required.

This is the part where you get to the machine gun nest in Shattered Hopes. What you need to do is ignore the women and just run through the rest of the mission as fast as you can. If you start getting shot from behind then you know you weren't fast enough and you need to reload last save or last checkpoint.

Supervisor 40
No enemy soldiers get to the workers in mission Ruins of Amazonia. Veteran difficulty required.

This is by far the hardest veteran Achievement in the game, but don't worry I have a strategy. When you get past the ruins you will be told to protect the workers loading the truck with boxes. What you want to do is put your Attacking Squad behind the yellow bulldozer so they can shoot all enemies and trucks that come down the road. Put the Infiltrator squad behind the wall where you came from. They will only come from two directions, the road and from the Ruins where you came from. When I did this Achievement I spent most time in RTS mode watching both ways and whenever I saw someone coming I would switch to that squad closest to the enemies and kill them so they can't reach the truck. When you see a truck coming down the hill wait till all the soldiers spawn outside of it then shoot it with a rocket launcher.

*Note* - Remember to save as much as possible because if you don't you will have to restart it all over again. So save every 15 seconds yes every 15 seconds because this part was very difficulty.

Anti-sniper 15
Kill the sniper in mission Urban Nightmare before he notices you. Veteran difficulty required.

The Sniper is located towards the beginning of the Mission on the Far end of the road with two regular soldiers with him. Use the guy with the Sniper in the Infiltrator squad to easily take him out without him seeing you.

Experienced Commander 45
Complete 5 missions in veteran difficulty.

Simply beat 5 mission on the Veteran Difficulty. I would suggest beating the missions on Veteran that have Veteran Specific Achievements so you can kill two birds with one stone. Once you complete all the Veteran Achievements you should only need to do 1 more mission on Veteran so do Mission Touchdown and the Achievement should unlock at the end if you beat each mission all the way through. When you have successfully defended the Village go to the left of the village when looking at it and the Mission will be over.

Protector 20
No one got incapacitated at the clearing defense in Village Attack. Veteran difficulty required.

In the mission Village Attack both of your squads will get separated by a falling tree, and you will have to advance up the road with the Infiltrator squad. Both of your squads will get attacked and your job is to keep all of the squad members alive. With your attacking squad put them behind the bundle of lumber in the middle of the lumber yard, and have them concentrate their fire on the road on the opposite side from where you entered and they should be good to go from there.

With the Infiltrator squad their will be several groups of enemies when approaching the village so take it slow and try to snipe them from as far away as possible, then enter the village and your mission will be to find the hidden package which is the crate closest to the house on the right side. After you find the package get ready to defend the village from a helicopter full of enemies, and remember save a lot and make sure no one gets incapacitated or else you need to re-load your save.

Regular Difficulty Achievements

Cannon Fodder 25
No one got incapacitated at the grenade trap in Morning Coffee. Regular difficulty required.

This is a little tricky and here is what I did. After the cut-scene save your game and switch to Palin on the Attacking squad and lob (throw) grenades onto the roof and hopefully you can kill him if not reload your save. To get a better view of Rodriguez use the RTS mode and throw grenades near him to kill him.

Jeep Killer 5
Use your first rocket to kill the jeep in mission Touchdown. Regular difficulty required.

This Achievement is extremely easy and I would almost consider it story related but if you for some reason are having trouble with it make sure you are using the guy with the Rocket Launcher on the Attacking Squad.

Woodsman 20
Complete Wet Dusk without any of your squads becoming incapacitated. Regular difficulty required.

This level is fairly simple and can be easily Achievement. For the Achievement you need to beat Mission Wet Dusk without having any squad die, you can have someone get incapacitated but the whole squad cannot die. Just beat the mission and the Achievement is yours.

Tough Kid 10
No Infiltrator member went down while at the camp in Village Attack. Regular difficulty required.

In the Mission Village Attack when your two squads are split up the Attacking squad (Blue) will be in a Lumber yard and the Infiltrator squad (Yellow) will be at a small little village. For the Achievement none of the members in the Infiltrator squad can lose all there health. I would suggest saving the game as much as possible in case you fail you can just load your last save.

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